Friday, July 13, 2012

Scoop of Art- Scoops of Scrumptious Gelato!

Been wanting to share about this wonderful gelato store for a long time! Forgetful me keep forgetting about it.

Anyway this gelato cum art n craft store is sadly located a million miles away from me at Marine Parade, but I had the chance to first try it at Singapore's first Ice Cream Bash last year!

Scoop of Art freshly churns out a delectable range of 18 very creative and yummy flavours everyday at their store. They actually have alot more which they rotate every week! The flavours that stood out most for me and shouted out "EAT ME" was among their best sellers!

Lemon Meringue Pie

Tangy, sour, sweet and smooth lemon curd and generous crumbly graham pie crust swirled into the lightly sweet creamy gelato... *melts~* This is oh-so-divine, such a yummylicious satisfying Scoop of Art! ^^ Really authentic lemon curd and buttery biscuit pie crust in generous amounts, seriously a lemon pie in ice cream form. You have to try this! (;

Mars Bars and Sea Salt

If you love chocolate plus salted caramel, you will fall in love with this! (; Wonderful explosion of the flavours densely packed into the scoop of gelato. Try this for a rich sinful indulgence!

Then the other time I had the chance to actually visit their store at Marine Parade Community Club. No photos but it's a really spacious and chic place decorated with loads of art pieces and trinkets. Like a cute lil' art gallery! Apparently they organise loads of art activities and lessons especially for children. (: Alot of interesting Arts n Craft for you to explore!
After much deliberation I chose...

Lemon Meringue Pie (again!)

Just look at the delicious biscuit pie crumbles...! Too good to resist. (;

Cranberry Almond

A really cool flavour. Fragrant smooth flavour of almond (like those in almond puddings and desserts!) in the gelato and studded with sweet dried cranberries! A refreshing treat~

I did get a taste of a few other flavours and I would recommend a try of Brownies and Butterscotch, Caramel Macadamia and Dark Chocolate!

What's more they do not use eggs in almost all their gelato so they're suitable for lacto-vegetarians too! (^-^) Sorry vegan friends... You can only get the sorbet...
Overall I would recommend this out-of-the-way gelato store, cos they produce pretty good quality and creative gelato and I love their concept of combining their passions of sweet treats and creative art under the same roof!

Premium Gelato $3.80(small)  $4.80(medium)  $$5.80(large)
Regular Gelato $3.20(small)  $4.20(medium)  $5.20(large)

Scoop of Art
278 Marine Parade Road (Marine Parade Community Club), #01-03
Tel: 6345 6563
Mon-Thurs 10.30am-10pm
Fri 10.30am-11pm
Sat 9.30am-11pm
Sun 9.30am-10pm

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