Saturday, July 14, 2012

NeLi's Ice Cream

Local homemade ice cream parlours and little cafes have been an uprising trend in Singapore lately, with many of them popping up all over our little red dot. Which is great! Cos I love discovering all these cute lil' finds, it makes everything so much more interesting~ (;

NeLi's Ice Cream opened not long ago along the thriving food haven Upper Thomson Road, adding to the fierce ice cream competition along that area with Brownice, Scoopz, Salted Caramel, Udders, Ice Edge II all within the vicinity!

I didn't take alot of pictures, but basically the shop interior is very clean, white, sleek and spacious. The shop is travel themed cos the owner loves travelling and is hoping to make her ice cream parlour a place to share travelling tips and experiences! Really unique theme that piques my interest cos I have a great love for travelling too!

They have a few pretty cute notebooks for anyone to jot down recommendations of good eats and stays in Asia, Europe, Africa etc and very excitedly I was invited to be the first to pen down a whole list of good vegetarian options in Seoul and Jeju in the Asia notebook~! (^-^) If you do drop by the shop go and see the pretty notes I made. (;

Here's the basic menu:

Flavours available aren't exactly extensive cos they're very new. But no worries cos they are still constantly developing new goodies to add to their flavour range which you can check out on their Facebook page! Recently they had a Chrysanthemum Sorbet which I got a tester for and wow it's really yummy and refreshing chrysanthemum tea in frozen form!

After a few offerings of testers of the various flavours, I finally decided on...

Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey ($6.50 premium+standard)

Dark Chocolate was OH YEAH. Such a rich, thick and luscious flavour of bittersweet cocoa with a minimal amount of dairy, fabulous chocolate dosage. :D Very much akin to the Dark Chocolate Sorbet at Tom's Palette!
Earl Grey was superbly fragrant and strong but yet still refreshing! Think of eating ice cold creamy form of earl grey tea. (; Texture was smooth and creamy, no horrible icy tasteless feel!
Oh another plus point is that the scoops are rather large in size too and the ice cream is dense. :D
I love the tagline so cute: Passport to Paradise!
From the small lil' testers, I conclude that Pear Sorbet was rather interesting and fresh with real pear bits! But I would have loved a even more pear-ish flavour. 

I didn't try it but apparently Sweet Little Tooth tried the Lava Cake and she said it was totally worth the wait and the calories. :D

In all I do feel that their ice cream is slightly pricier compared to their competitors which usually can offer triple scoops with their double scoop price. But I don't exactly fault them for it cos they are new and prolly due to operating costs etc they have to make it pricier, hoping they would readjust their prices in the future...?

Do go and check out this cute lil' shop, I particularly applaud and appreciate their effort in infusing a special travel theme to an otherwise normal ice cream shop~ (:

NeLi's Ice Cream
233 Upper Thomson Road,
Tel: 6452 2410
Sun-Thurs 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-1pm


  1. Hello, just found your blog by accident. Nice update!~ Looking forward to seeing more :)

  2. Same here. I do like their flight theme, and flavors are interesting too :)