Saturday, July 7, 2012

Little Pancakes- Cute Little Yummy Delights!

This recently opened cafe specialising in pancakes in mini sizes along the flourishing foodie haven Upper Thomson Road is small, but packed full of BIG flavours haha. Make way for the Little Pancakes, their pancakes are bound to satisfy your carb craving! (;

Again very similar to Batter Fluffly Flaps, Little Pancakes' marketing strategy include their own adorable mascots and a very attractively cute design of their cafe. Pictures speak a thousand words! Take a look! (^-^)

Open kitchen concept! (:

They've got a pretty interesting and creative menu with cute names~!! Particularly intrigued by their local flavours of pancakes, kaya and butter? Chendol? I am really tempted to go back to try them out! :P

In the end I ordered one of my favourite combinations, matcha and red bean!

Mr Bean Turns Red ($8.50, sweet adzuki beans w green tea ice cream and matcha powder)

Aww don't they look cute! :D I love the little flag~ The mini pancakes were perfectly golden and what you call really fluffy, aromatic and comforting pancakes! Texture was wonderful to bite and savour and it's so good you can eat it on its own! It makes you so happy you wanna squeal/close your eyes in bliss hahaha.

Accompanying adzuki beans were on the sweet side and were a wonderful companion to the pancakes~ I was reminded of dorayaki haha. Green tea ice cream was New Zealand Natural's and was definitely of good quality and the cold creaminess was fantastic with the warm pancakes~ Mmmm... Only gripe was that I would prefer a stronger matcha ice cream cos this one was a little too milky and milky tastes tend to get a lil' overwhelming for me... (><) The pretty pattern made out of pure bitter matcha powder was great mixed with the other sweet stuff on the plate, providing a nice balance of tastes. (:

3 lil' stacks of pancakes with matcha adzuki, sufficiently filling and a definite MUST-TRY!
My friend ordered another plate:
Gimme S'more Oreos! ($8.20)
(aren't their names adorable! :D )

Again the presentation was fantastic, so cute you don't really bear to eat it haha. I didn't try the combination of all the stuff in this creation but according to my friend, she loved it! (: Well, oreos and digestive biscuits and chocolate ice cream combination will always be yummy~ The marshmallows were carefully toasted to be crispy on the outside and melty on the inside making it so much yummier, great effort! 

Oh and I forgot to mention they provide maple syrup (YAY) and a lil' butter for this creation, the classics to go with pancakes~ (^-^) But not for the matcha adzuki one cos the beans are already sweet and have syrup to moisten the pancakes~

Overall I would rate this place a must-try for pancakes, you will leave really happy and satisfied. Oh and did I mention the staff is really friendly too. (:

Little Pancakes
200 Upper Thomson Road (Thomson Imperial Court), #01-04
(there's a bus stop in front of this building, almost beside the Community centre there!)
Tel: 6258 8515
Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs 12pm-11pm (Closed on Tuesdays!)
Fri-Sat 12pm-1am

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  1. Hi May i know if it is filling to have it for lunch/dinner? :)