Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grin Affair- Little Jars That Makes You Grin

Yet another little local specialty store tucked away in a forest of HDB estates sprung up~! This time something much more different! Grin Affair retails your traditional mousse cakes... in adorable little glass jars~! (^-^)

(pretty knick-knacks on sale too!)
Looking at the lovely array of pretty cakes in jars, it's hard to resist the temptation to buy one, yet it's also  hard to make the decision to buy which one. Oh such a dilemma~ 

I decided to forgo the most popular ones like Honey Lavender, Banoffee and Dark Chocolate, and instead go for something more special that's calling out to me like honey is to bees~
 (This pretty lil' notebook details the contents of each jar! Love how it's so handmade and homely.)
Matcha & Azuki ($4.80)

Poke through the spongy coffee chiffon top layer and encounter the smooth textures of green tea mousse and chunky red bean paste then hit the soft vanilla chiffon before the jar bottom~ Mmmm~ A small jar of goodness all for myself~ (;

Well fancy fantasies aside, I honestly felt that the chiffon cake was just a very ordinary type with no particular amazingness. Green tea mousse was cool and creamy but I would prefer a stronger matcha flavour to really enhance the whole jar! Red beans were sweet and good but it would be fabulous if they used those as good as those Starbucks uses for it's Green Tea Red Bean Frapp! Oh and I don't know why the description had crispy cream inside, cos I didn't get any cream that was crispy...?

Overall the combination of tastes and textures is satisfying, and it makes for a cool and light little tea time treat, one jar is just right for a person~! But not if you're looking for a serious matcha/red bean fix!

Maron ($5.50)

(You'll get that pretty paper cover and string with tag only if you takeaway! So takeaway! :P)

Chose this cos chestnuts are cool (hahaha) and it's hard to find them used in cake/pastries as flavours often! Prolly cos they're rather expensive as ingredients, which explains the much higher price of this compared to the matcha azuki cake!

The star of this jar cake is the lightly sweet, nutty roasted chesnut paste! Other than that, it's actually very similar to the matcha azuki cake cos they use the exact same light flavoured chiffon cake.... Cookie base was disappointing cos it was very thin and much too crumbly such that there wasn't much taste or fragrance to it at all. Combined, the whole feel was rather similar to the matcha azuki jar except for a tweak in the flavours! But no worries, it wasn't unpleasant, it was enjoyable, just not extraordinary~!

Perhaps their other flavours like Dark Chocolate would be bolder in flavour and offer much more exciting experiences!

Price wise.... I admit I find it quite pricey cos it doesn't make you go wow wow wow in terms of taste and if you see the picture, it fits in my hand very easily (small!)! 
But I don't deny that the packaging, concept and experience of spooning the cool treat from the cute little jar makes you quite happy! (: I guess for the novelty, it makes Grin Affair jar cakes worth a little try and I'm sure they'll make fantastic gifts that will really make your friends grin! (;

Do note that for dine in they only was a row of high stools, which aren't really nice to chill out with friends for long so you'll be better off taking away the jars and enjoy them somewhere else more comfortably~!
3 Everton Park, #01-77A
Tel: 8282 7375
Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm (unless sold out earlier!) 
Closed on Sundays!

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