Friday, July 6, 2012

Creamier- Falling in Love With Ice Cream & Waffles

This little out-of-the-way neighbourhood ice cream cafe in the midst of Toa Payoh HDBs should not be belittled~! Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee is as good as its name sounds, yummylicious and an extensive, exciting and creative range of ice cream flavours pack a punch accompanied by their signature waffles!

It's a rather tiny but nice-to-chill place. I guess seats will be hard to get during weekends and peak hours after meal times!

Take a peek at their menu and pricing! Pretty reasonable in my opinion, compared to most ice cream cafes, as they are generous in their scoop sizes and quality is good!

Great range of flavours that are on constant rotation~ Heard that they had Pumpkin Roasted Pecan flavour  (so delicious sounding!!!) but they don't do it often.... (T_T) So sad, my favourite pumpkin flavour!

I took forever to decide what to get, as usual hahaha.

Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Blackforest Ice Cream w Waffles 

A very popular and signature flavour of Creamier, their Sea Salt Gula Melaka. And yes indeed, as a unique twist to the popular Sea Salt Caramel, this is executed perfectly, smooth dreamy rich gula melaka with the right hint of sea salt. *bliss~* It's like eating your favourite Asian desserts with a special twist in ice cream form. Recommended! (;

Blackforest is good stuff! Rich dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and brandied cherries swirled in... You have to eat it to understand its goodness. (; Compared to Island Creamery's blackforest, the alcohol content is milder, but for me it's just right, a graceful tinge to enhance the overall flavour.

Waffles are definitely worth all the raving reviews online. As you drool looking at the golden deliciousness I posted, I assure you that the actual thing is really crispy on the outside and fluffy inside without being too sparse (the right amount of density...? :P). Buttery flavour and not too plain on it's own, really great pairing with the ice cream~!! These waffles are rather filling especially with ice cream too, so do share if you're a small eater or if not it's a meal on its own! (;

Banana Chocolate Chip Crumbles and Roasted Pistachio

Banana Chocolate Chip Crumbles was not bad! Bananas were generously used, the taste is really fresh and banana-ey and crunchy chocolate chips are studded within. I was slightly disappointed though cos the 'Crumbles' in the name got me so excited I was expecting buttery biscuit crumbles swirled within... It meant crumbled chocolate apparently, which got abit tiring to crunch on after awhile. But don't get me wrong! It's a great flavour for fruit lovers!

And now... *drumrolls~~~~* For the star of the day.... *drumrolls~~~~*
Roasted Pistachio!!!

As a crazy pistachio fan, I swear this is one of the best pistachio ice cream I've eaten in Singapore! Pistachio in ice cream is often artificial and yucky and weird but this... The fragrant, luscious, nutty pistachio flavour of the creamy ice cream is oh-so-good and the bits of actual pistachios swirled within completes the megadeliciousness~~ *dreamy~* Ahhh I need some good pistachio ice cream fix now!

I love these little local cafes that are popping up all over the island in quiet little places. (: Although it's true that they are not very accessible and hard to find at times, they often serve up really creative and quality food, offering a different experience that commercialised brands can't give~

You must drop by Creamier for a yummylicious and satisfying ice cream escapade!

Blk 128, Toa Payoh Lor 1, #01-835
Tel: 6250 1476
Tue-Thurs 12pm-9pm
Sat 10am-10pm
Sun 10am-9pm
Closed on Mondays!

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