Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cafe Salivation- Who Said Veg Food Can't Make You Drool? (;

If you're seriously deprived of flavours and excitement and cheese and herbs and spices, you need to pay Cafe Salivation a visit. This cute bright pink and orange restaurant along Syed Alwi Road stands out from the rest of the more traditional Indian establishments around it, and oh yes their food stands out very much from the rest too~!

This vibrant and cheerful cafe offers an extensive menu that is an amalgamation of Mexican, American, Italian cuisine with Indian flavours. There's such a wide, interesting and delicious variety that no one can say that vegetarian food is boring~! (; Their food is purely lacto-vegetarian, which means they use dairy products but are meatless and eggless! You can also request for food to be made without onion and garlic if you don't consume them.

However do note that the cafe provides a limited menu for vegans cos they use alot of cheese or cream sauces in their various food items! I reckon their salads, some pastas and their mexican rice are vegan, or you could ask the friendly staff to omit cheese/cream in some of the dishes, I'm sure they'll be happy to customise it for you! (:

(Please pardon the low resolution photos below as it was taken by my friend's old digital camera under extremely romantic(dim) lighting!)
Enchildas Remo ($7)

Don't you wanna take a bite just looking at it? (; Tortillas stufffed with stir-fried veggies and topped with tomato sauce and very very generous amount of white cheese sauce and baked in the oven. This huge serving of super hot, fragrant and cheesy goodness is absolutely heavenly~ (^v^) There was an amazing blend of Indian Mexican herbs and spices that totally heightened the cheesy and tomato-ey flavours without being too overwhelmingly strong! Oh and this dish is certainly very filling!

The only part I disliked about it was there were too many very crunchy carrot strips wrapped in the tortilla! Would have preferred a wider assortment of veggies that are cooked slightly softer than the current very crunchy texture. I think that would complement the melty cheesy tortillas better!

Baked Chimichangas ($8)

Tortilla filled with a delicious mix of soya granules, raisins, tomatoes and baked in the oven and served piping hot with salsa and sour cream~! I only took a bite of this but it's enough to tell me that this was a special dish with tangy and savoury tastes combined with the salsa and sour cream!

Lasagne w Soya Mince Granules ($10)
Cheesy and flavourful yumminess! The pasta sheets layered with savoury mushrooms and soya granules in between were not too melty and mushy, soft yet still defined! Quite a well done lasagne and I love the hint of Indian spices as usual, makes it different from the traditional lasagnes~! :D

Gratin a la Verdure ($8)
Penne pasta was springy and bouncy to bite after being baked! (: Together with the thick melted cheese and creamy broccoli, mushrooms and tomato sauce, this is yet another wonderful dish! However there is a slight problem that the baked cheese dishes are actually rather similar in flavours, just that they have slightly different textures as they use different ingredients.

Aglio Olio ($6)

One of the cheapest dishes there, due to the small variety of ingredients used. But don't worry it doesn't skimp on the flavour at all! Tossed in olive oil, with garlic, dry red chilli and garnished with herbs, this is one plate of aromatic indulgence! Springy fettuchini was adequately marinated with an infusion of the ingredients' tastes, slightly spicy, one of the best aglio alio I've tasted~ Thumbs-up!

Mushroom Risotto ($11.50)
Honestly I was abit stunned by the higher price of this dish compared to the others. My mushroom-lover friend ordered this and I got to taste it. It was yummylicious! Pearly soft risotto rice was great with the cream  sauce and the fresh button mushrooms added complexity to the textures and flavours in this dish. A very creamy comforting sort of dish that's fabulous for porridge/soupy food lovers! Not for people who are afraid of creamy textures and flavours though~!

Mushroom Soup w Garlic n Butter Toast ($4.50)
Decent but nothing wow. Would have preferred a thicker texture with more mushroom bits!

Mediterranean Pizza ($7.50) 
This is a small pizza that can prolly be finished by one person (think a thinner version of Pizza Hut's Personal pans). Topped with mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese, this pizza is not bad in terms of tastes, as good as any normal pizza but not something unique like other items in their menu! The crust is the doughy more chewy type than crispy. Would recommend a try of their more special pizza like the Paneer Pizza if your really wanna order pizza here! (:

Mexican Rice w Vegetable Sofrito ($8)
 This is a dish that packs a punch with the awesome explosion of flavours! The mexican rice was infused nicely with flavours of spices, herbs and tomato with a hint of spiciness and accompanied with veggies (broccoli, red and green peppers, baby corn, button mushrooms) tossed in a hearty tomato sauce. Good food that makes your tummy feel warm and happy! (:

Eggless Brownie w Vanilla Ice Cream ($5.50)
Beautifully presented! A good effort is made to present their dishes nicely at Cafe Salivation. (: This is a relatively inexpensive dessert compared to normal cafes/restaurants. Brownie was adequately chocolatey and topped with crunchy walnuts but of course this still ain't comparable to the brownie from Delcie's. :B Vanilla ice cream was out-sourced I guessed and was ordinary. 

Eggless Blackforest Cake ($5)
Not bad too, but very ordinary too like those from neighbourhood bakeries. Again incomparable to Delcie's wonderful Vegan Blackforest Cake! :P Well it is more expensive... (: This was abit small though, and I felt that for the price I'd rather top up 30cents or $1 more to get even better cakes like the cheesecakes or Blueberry Maple Cake at Cedele! (;

Overall it was a really enjoyable experience to dine at Cafe Salivation! The atmosphere and ambience is great for gatherings with friends and family and the food is filling and flavourful.

Brought my meat-eating friends to this place and they totally gave their approval! No weird vegetarian flavour according to them (whatever that may be...) and they couldn't sense the absence and need for meat! :D Oh and I heard that their burgers and sandwiches are fantastic too! Hope to be able to drop by again to try them!

So even if you are a non-vegetarian, if you want to satisfy your tastebuds and feel contented and happy, you MUST VISIT Cafe Salivation!
Oh and like the people from the cafe say, come prepared for droolicious sensations~! (;
Cafe Salivation
75 Syed Alwi Road (It;s almost diagonally opposite Mustafa Centre!)
Tel: 6298 1412
Daily 10am-10.30pm

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