Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cacao7- Low-Carb Chocolates and Desserts

Chocolates is another major weakness of mine. Very unfortunately, chocolates has always been labelled unhealthy, high in calories, carbohydrates and a heaty, fattening food... BUT, Cacao7, this hidden gem in our tiny island, provides the solution to this by making ingenious low-carb chocolates that allow us a daily dose of yummy chocolate that actually boosts our health and protects our figure too!

Megan is the sweet and friendly lady boss of this brand in Singapore and she mans  the little kiosk in Orchard Central. Service is confirm a thumbs-up! (; Their products include hand-made chocolates, truffles, brownie bites, mini cake desserts, ice cream and even soups! All are natural, low-carb, low GI, diabetic-friendly, reduced-calorie, gluten-free and are sweetened by Whey Low sugar in place of bad table sugar. Their cacao is organic too, makes the whole experience a guilt-free and healthfulicious one!

I'm not sure if their cakes are eggless but I reckon they most likely are since they are low in calories! Do double confirm with the boss~!

The best has got to be...
Chocolate Lava Cake ($7 dine-in, $6 takeaway)
(sorry iphone 3 photos, not good)

Poke through the soft, moist and thin cake top and discover the thick, velvety and warm chocolate lava beneath... OOMPH factor here~! :D This lil' cup packs a great deal of quality cocoa that delivers a fabulously rich chocolatey flavour with a tinge of bitterness. Small (very) but potent and very satisfaying for serious chocoholics!

What's more this deliciousness only packs around 250 calories and 5g of carbs, which is really low compared to normal ones! No need to sacrifice your waistline to indulge! :P
(on the left!)

Layered Double Ganache ($7 dine-in, $6 takeaway)

Cool, luscious fudge-like top layer of dark chocolate hides a moist cake and smooth mousse... Chocolatey goodness! (though lava cake is still better!)

Brownie Cheesecake ($7 dine-in, $6 takeaway)

Not bad, even distribution of creamy but not cloying cheesecake layer with chocolate brownie bottom. Not easy to get sick of due to small size and lighter flavour! But this one doesn't really shine through for chocolate fans, just a light alternative to normal cheesecakes. I also prefer cheesecakes with a yummy biscuit base instead.

Tiramisu ($7 dine-in, $6 takeaway)

Light mascarpone cheese layer gives way to a moist sponge cake bottom with light espresso flavour and soaked in Irish liquer. Delightful! Alcohol taste is light though so not an option for alcoholic tiramisu lovers~ The one at Da Paolo Gastronomia is much nicer and authentic though. But this is great for a low-carb, healthier version! (:

Salted Caramel Bon Bons ($4 for 2)
No pictures for this. ): Their hand-made chocolates are strikingly darker in colour compared to usual chocolates, indicating a high percentage of pure cocoa. Indeed the chocolate was an explosion of rich and nicely bitter cocoa flavour accompanied by thick, rich but not too sweet salted caramel filling. Yumz~ Another thing about their chocolates is that they are harder and less melty than normal chocolates, probably due to low content of dairy and sugar!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream ($4.50)

Hmm... This one was way too ordinary, it tasted like plain ice cream? If there's such a flavour... (-.-) Salted caramel taste was mild, especially if compared to great ones from Salted Caramel...

Overall, a worthy little place to try out if you love your chocolates! But no sweet milky chocolates here. (: True that their products are quite pricey (><), but quality and amount of organic cocoa is generous and it's a healthier option!

181 Orchard Road (Orchard Central), #B2-09
Tel: 6238 7473
Daily 11.30am-9.30pm


  1. Hey the soups here are pretty good too:)
    Ps I love your style of blogging and how it's so comprehensive. Different from other food blogs which don't cover much of the menu and just one or two dishes- thumbs up!

    1. Oh really! I should go try them some day. (:
      Haha thank you I'm so flattered~ I always either go a few times a shop then review so that I can show a variety of food there, or I go with friends and order more. (^-^)
      I will continue to share more good food! (: