Friday, July 6, 2012

Batter Fluffy Flaps- Pancakes, but not really fluffy...

A new pancake shop I chanced upon the day I went Katong. Greatly attracted by the really cute design of the whole place! (:

Great plus points for the very cute and pretty design and set-up of the shop~

Menu! It seriously sounds super appealing and delicious~! Creative and tantalising combinations indeed.

After deliberating for a very long time (as usual), being a nutella, peanut butter and horlicks fan (actually I'm pretty much a fan of most of their flavours in their sweet pancakes menu. -.-) I chose...

Favoured Favourite Flavours ($12)

Childhood fantasy (yeah!) of nutella, peanut butter, Horlicks powder and Milo crunch with Vanilla ice cream!

It looks sooooooooo darn lovely and delicious doesn't it! But I'm sad to say they were only okayyyy. Nutella and peanut butter is always a winning combination, so is Horlicks and Milo~~ (: But the pancakes themselves lacked the very enticing warm buttery pancake-y flavour, and were rather dense and abit chewy and a lil' dry... (see picture!) Where's my fluffy flaps!

Nutella and peanut butter should be spread thicker, to give a creamier texture to help the chewy pancakes and to give a stronger flavour cos their flavours were rather absent with the thick pancakes. Or they should give a really huge scoop of ice cream, cos the milo crunch and Horlicks powder made the whole thing even drier...
Vanilla ice cream was from an ice cream supplier, Dairy Queen is the brand I think. Wasn't good, like those cheap vanilla ice cream with no authentic vanilla taste... *sigh* Oh it melts super quickly. In a flash! I got another additional scoop of chocolate ice cream ($1.50?) cos it was too dry for me to finish the pancakes.... And it was very ordinary again.

I feel they should give better quality ice creams and in much larger scoops (cos it's really small now...). If not for $12 I would opt for nicer and much larger pancakes at Food For Thought!

My friend tried it the other day and she said that she found the pancakes still okay and acceptable. Maybe they were having a bad day or they improved the pancake mix??

Overall their design and menu is really attractive~ But it didn't hit the mark for fluffy yummy pancakes... Only just acceptable though I must say I'm really tempted to give their Strawberry Cheesecake Flakes a try. I really want to think they were just having a bad day... How about you go and try it and maybe tell me how you feel about it? (:

Batter Fluffy Flaps
89 East Coast Road (in row of shophouses opposite 112 Katong)
Tel: 6440 7071
Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat, Eve of PH 10am-11pm
Sun 10am-10pm
Closed on Mondays!


  1. Woah where did u get the flyer? :D

    1. they were giving it out outside their store that day. (:

  2. I happen to pop into the café recently as the kiddy décor was too hard to resist! But we were glad we did as it was overall a very pleasant experience (:

    Please do check out my version of the review @ soon!