Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Vintage Tea Party @ House At Dempsey

How does this sound? A lazy afternoon spent nibbling on a selection of pretty cakes, tarts, pastries, savouring mini pizzas, delicious sandwiches and breads, sipping tea while while chatting with friends or reading your book. All in a beautiful surrounding of lovely bright flowers, elegant vintage furniture, dainty rustic decorations to spruce up the place with oldies playing in the background. Such a wonderful afternoon~ 

And yes you can experience this too like I did just for $22++! The Vintage Hi-Tea Buffet by House at Dempsey offers a perfect afternoon high tea experience in a very pretty setting for a very value-for-money price~! This happens every Thursday and Friday 3pm-5.30pm. 
I went to check this out with Ms Sweet Little Tooth!
It was abit confusing to find the exact place of the restaurant. It's down a flight of steps at the very end of the road there.

Take a look at the wonderful spread and how pretty everything is, it might not seem much but it's enough to make you happy~ (;
 The only thing I could eat from this section was the famous Mini Truffled Mushroom Skinny Pizza.
Oh the crust was really thin, crispy and delicate, falls to pieces easily upon biting! Truffled mushrooms were very rich in flavour and very mushroom-y hahaha. No wonder it's so popular~
Other savoury stuff: Their famous Squid Ink Skinny Pizza

There was another table by the side with trays of different open-faced sandwiches, all meat though but they seemed pretty good cos they were polished off quickly.
I love how it is put in a chest like this~! It's so cute and makes you wanna eat the bread even more~ :P
Tried the 3rd bread from the left cos it looked so fluffy and yellow, but it was nothing much... Tried another bread which was good even on it's own! Not in the chest yet, an orange coloured bread infused with spices, reminds me of Indian flavours~ (:
An assortment of condiments and cheeses and nuts to go with bread.
 Vegetarians can go for Wild Truffled Mushrooms and Cheese & Olives!
Not a fan of such pungent cheeses... ><
Now for the star of the high tea: Cakes and Pastries!

And my ultimate favourite is...... Pumpkin Pie~!!!
 "Surprise surprise!" (Not)
This is so darn rare in Singapore! Imagine my delight upon discovering it at the high tea. (^0^) Creamy, naturally sweet, flavourful and lightly spiced pumpkin puree filling with Boston cream and paired with a buttery crumbly pie crust... *heavenly~* It's such a blissful combination of tastes and textures that will leave you (me) grinning from ear to ear~ More, I want more! :P
Next favourite is..... Bitter Chocolate Tart!

Gosh this is seriously one indulgent tart that will leave you craving for more~! Smooth and thick but not too thick nutella-like texture that packs a great deal of cocoa, delivering a superb pure chocolatey taste with a perfect balance of sweetness and a dose of bitterness... *bliss~* The slightly crunchy chocolate tart base adds texture and heightens the enjoyment of this yummy! An awesome treat that will excite die-hard chocoholics! :D

The normal slightly bigger bitter chocolate tart is $7.50 each, so it's darn worth it to eat it in the buffet if you think about it! (; This finishes really quickly though, and they take very long to refill it. So... If you really want a serious chocolate fix, grab two at one go, but not if I'm there! :P

Other favourites in the buffet include... Lemon Pistachio Cake
The bright colours and lovely garnish makes this so appealing to the palate~ (: And it's such a fantastical combination of flavours! Tangy lemon cream frosting with a moist homely cake that's laced with nutty pistachio flavour with bits of pistachios studded in in.
 Such a pleasant shade of light green, of pistachios!
And Chocolate Cupcakes.
And Mixed Fruit Tarts and Pies.
My conclusion is that their chocolate pastries and cakes are generally fantastic. (^-^) The chocolate cupcakes were all so moist and fluffy and rich without cloying sweetness, absolutely divine!
The fruit tarts' crust are seriously the highlight! Buttery, crumbly, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth type, megadeliciousness! Very similar texture to the pie crust from Pies & Coffee!
The juicy raisins and dried fruits inside are so yummy. Ahh the thought of the yummylicious tart crust makes me want them right now~!
Red Velvet Cupcake was yummylicious too, moist with a surprise chocolate centre! (:

Other non-favourites but relatively enjoyable are... Chai Chocolate Cake.
 Pleasant hint of chai spice. (:
Java Swirl Cake. I adore the icing on top. Would have liked this moister!
 Orange Sticky Cake. Another zesty cake but not zesty enough. :P
 Hazelnut Banana Rum Ball. Danger of becoming a bit boring this one.
 Strawberry Linzer Cookie, Pretzel Cookie, Choc Chip Hazelnut Cookie

 Pear Cake
 Iced Nougat Cake. Mmmm moist and creamy with yummy nuts.
Oh Macarons were pretty good too but very little it was gone as soon as it was served up.
 They were giving out these fresh warm Madeleines to people, not on the buffet line but yummy!

The following are Boring or I Don't Like It. 
Banana Chocolate Mousse. So dense it was far from a mousse, not much chocolate and banana not strong enough, so something's very wrong...

 Sorry personal preference never really like Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta Dessert Cups. Overwhelmingly sweet with a strong eggy taste. Ugh for me.
 Boring. Not freshly mango-ey enough and crumbles were quite uninspiring.
Far from expectations, this sounded so good. Hard and dry type with trace amount of orange flavour, not the traditional type of moist, dense but still fluffy type I love. *sigh*
Toffee Eclair was um, ....

Pandan Chiffon Cupcake sounded fab and looked so pretty. But was sadly boring.
Matcha Grapefruit Custard Tart? This was horrible for me.... Sour yet painfully sweet at the same time, yes it's possible. Combined with the very eggy flavour of the custard, ugh this was sickening for me. *faints* Some people like this though, I don't know about you...

Two types of hot teas are available everytime. I forgot what it was sorry and I'm not a tea fanatic so I can't judge this. But it was really fragrant and cleanses your palate rather well after all the sweets!
Then I was eyeing this on the table all along:
THEIR FRIES ARE SO DARN INTERESTING AND TANTALISING! No boring potatoes here but cool root veggies with exciting spices! And of course what else am I most excited by?
Pumpkin Hazelnut Fries

This is oh-so-good~ Lightly sweet and soft pumpkin strips in crispy batter coating sprinkled with flavourful paprika and chili powder and bits of hazelnuts~ Makes your hand unable to stop taking the next one!
The serving is rather large and good for sharing between 2 if you're not buffet-ing, 4 or more if you are. I seriously am tempted to try all the other fries! :P

But I got an unpleasant shock when I received the bill...
(O_O)!!! Whaaaaat! $14.10 for this amount of fries, not even main course? Shocked, will not order again despite the yumminess. I'd rather buy sweet potato fries from Wo Ai Tai Mei that's just $2++ for almost the same amount...

Now soak in the beautiful surroundings of the place~ (:

 The flowers are really beautiful there! Cheers up the place so much and so are the vintage books, lamps and chests! :D
Lastly, take a look again at the goodies all on plates~ (;

 Oh by the way, skip the biscotti cos they're hard and quite tasteless.. Oh and this is the nice spice bread I was talking about just now.
The bill for 2!

Their cakes and pastries change quite often I realise cos there are some goodies I saw online previously that wasn't available then.
Do make reservations at least a week in advance either online or telephone just in case to avoid disappointment cos they're really popular! (: Hoho after this post, I feel like going again... :P

8D Dempsey Road
Tel: 6475 7787
Vintage High Tea Buffet- Thurs, Fri 3pm-5.30pm


  1. I love this post of yours! the pictures are so well-taken and I really appreciate your honest reviews of all the food~!!!!

  2. Thanks for the post! I just made reservations for the last Thursday of the month! =)

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  4. Hey!

    This is Cheryl from HOUSE (under the Spa Esprit Group), we recently revamped our Vintage High Tea so you can now expect more variety of sweets and savouries, what more, we change them occasionally so you don’t have to worry about having the same thing each time you come. Price is $30++/pax but if you come dressed to the 1920s, you get an instant 10% off ;)