Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tiong Bahru Bakery- Yummylicious!

I have a great love of bakeries~ The joy of breathing in the tantalising aroma of baking confectionary while feasting your eyes upon a wide array of delicious bread, pastries and cakes as you walk around a bakery is indescribable.... :P The joy of enjoying the delicious bread/pastry/cake itself is even more delightful~! It's an addiction!

Anyway I set out one morning in anticipation to discover this highly rated and recently opened bakery in Tiong Bahru, aptly named Tiong Bahru Bakery. It is a french style bakery headed by some famous French baker from Paris called Gontran Cherrier. But if you are looking for details of renowned chefs on my blog, give up. Because honestly I never really cared about how prestigious the person making my food is, as long as the food is yummy, it makes it worth nibbling on! (;

The first thing that indicates the potential of a good bakery is a tantalising aroma of their baking bread, and that was the first thing that greeted me when I stepped into the simple, cozy and bustling interior of Tiong Bahru Bakery~

I was there around 11am and the full assortment of their baked goods were still in the process of making. So I missed the crumbles.... (T_T) Favourite apple crumbles and mixed berries crumbles! Will definitely be back to try them! (;

The selection was still wide though, and everything looked and smelt so darn good! I stood in front of the glass counter and took forever to decide (as usual... heh).

Chose their famous plain Crossaint and a cute Chocolate Mendiant!

Crossaint ($2.50)
They're famous for this not for nothing! The buttery flaky crispy layers that can be peeled perfectly from the soft white interior again and again is seriously good stuff and very enjoyable~ :D I wonder how they make the layers so delicate and defined~ Reckon this would have been even more fantastic if it was still warm and out from the oven not long ago~ :P
This is lacto-vegetarian!

Soft pillowy fluffly layered interior~

Chocolate Mendiant ($6.50)

Cool rich and fudgy chocolate top was yummy, but I would prefer a slightly more bitter chocolate. Dense dried fruit and nut filling included figs, apricots, hazelnuts and more! Chewy, sweet and nutty, if you hate dried fruits and nuts or chewy textures avoid this! Tart shell was the harder crunchy type which delicious taste and texture went rather well with the fillings!
A superb crunchy and chewy tart/bar that makes a great dessert/snack! But this tart could get abit sweet and dry for some people after a while I think!

I couldn't resist the urge to have more of their baked goods. and after another round of contemplation and staff recommendations, I chose this:

Kouign Aman ($3.50)

Salted butter and glazed caramel slathered around crispy flaky pastry~ *swoons* I was lucky enough to chance on a batch of fresh ones straight out of the oven so it was still wonderfully warm and crispy! Generously glazed and again fabulous fragrant layers to unravel and nibble on~ This is a MUST-TRY~!

Their bakery is situated in a quiet area but it is really busy! Seats won't be available around lunch time and especially on weekdays unless you are early and there's almost always a queue~ I was there on a Monday and there was a considerable flow of customers and tables were occupied! Staff were friendly and tolerant of my indecisiveness (hahaha) and made recommendations~ (:

For fellow vegetarians only a selection of breads and pastries are lacto-vegetarian, I didn't see any vegan ones the day I went but they have some because I saw labels that were not in use. Most are ovo-lacto vegetarian! It would be obvious if the confectionary contained meat so no worries~!

Definitely gonna be back to sample more of their yummy confectionary!!!
Tiong Bahru Bakery
56 Eng Hoon Street #01-70 (beside The Orange Thimble)
Tel: 6220 3430
Daily 8am-8pm (But Closed on Tue)

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