Saturday, June 30, 2012

Real Food (I)- Naturally Delicious

Sorry guys, have been too lazy to muster any effort to post lately. (><) :B

If you realised I've been posting a great deal on bakeries and dessert places, and only abit on mains and savoury food. Sorry, I love my desserts and pastries too much! :P

Anyway, this shall be a post on proper meals (finally)! Real Food is a vegetarian cafe that I fancy very much. Real not cos other food outside are fake (lol) but cos they believe in using natural, pure organic ingredients and seasonings to create yummy wholesome food, no artificial crap but real food that your body will love. (^-^)

Both their outlets are an interesting combination of restaurant, cafe, grocer and bookstore. You can have your meals, then a cuppa coffee with dessert, browse through the various books and magazines on healthy living/cooking and maybe buy a couple of them, lastly shop through their interesting selection of organic goods before leaving~ Their cafe interior is really hip and cool and is a perfect place to chillax with friends or with a book. (; 

Lunch hour gets really hectic though due to the office crowd and waiting time for food can be long especially cos they prepare almost all food from scratch upon order! No pre-cooked and pre-packaged ones so the food you eat will be fresh and full of nutrients! :D

To save you readers from overload of desserts, I shall save the review of their sweet all-day-breakfast items for another post! Look forward, cos their breakfasts are really yummy.

Quinoa Lentil Burger w Sweet Potato Wedges ($12.80)

I REALLY LOVE THIS. The combination of unique ingredients, quinoa etc, create a really tasty and hearty flavour that makes you can't stop on the first bite!! (^o^) Patty of quinoa, lentil, mushrooms, onions, and lots of goodies is very lightly crisp on the outside and moist and mushy (but not too mushy) on the inside. Sundried tomato paste was superb~ Artisan buns are toasted to be perfectly crisp on the outside and nicely warm and soft on the inside, complementing the patty flavour very well! *dreamy~* 

The sweet potato wedges fell short of my expectations though. They're basically chunks of sweet potatoes lightly grilled/baked, abit too chunky and stiff. I loooovee sweet potato very much so I still like the flavour but wedges should be baked til crispy on the outside and really soft inside!

Overall I wouldn't mind ordering it again cos the burger's really special and yummylicious and nutritious~ :D But don't expect a Veganburg-like burger cos it's a really different sort, not the meaty-like type but mmm natural wholesome type? Hahaha.

Sweet Potato Chickpea Cake Salad ($13.80)
(sorry blurry pics cos i only had my lousy iphone 3 camera... )

First thing: steer clear of this if you hate raw veggies! There's a load of veggies piled on the cake, but they're dressed in a fragant delish salad oil and toasted crunchy flaxseeds. (: However it would have been nicer if the french beans and asparagus was grilled/cooked softer and cut into shorter pieces cos they were abit tough and fibrous to chew on!

Sweet potato chickpea cake, the star of the salad, was quite delicious and unique! Cumin and indian spices' flavour is laced within the cake, enhancing the grainy nutty and subtly sweet flavour of chickpeas and sweet potato! Texture is mashed potato-like and mushy, might get overwhelming for some~! Slightly disappointed though cos the outer layer is barely crisp, expected those crispy exterior encasing a soft interior sort of cake... Cake is quite big and cos it's made of starchy vegetables so this is actually a filling salad meal!

Price-wise, this is definitely a killer, like most of their mains there... (X_X) A unique try but prolly won't order again!

Stuffed Veggie Salad ($9.80)

Grilled capsicums stuffed with homemade patty made of grated beetroot, carrot, mashed potatoes, onions and fresh thyme accompanied by salad of greens, baby radish, avocado slices, olives and lemon slices! Taste and dressing of salad is similar to the previous salad! 

The patty was okay, light sweetness from beetroots and carrots, but a lil too much onions for me (personal preference). Would like it too be firmer and less mushy though. I've a feeling that the patty would taste yummier in Can't Beet this Burger, which uses the same patty! Peppers were abit too raw and thick in my opinion, would be great if they were nicely grilled to be softer and tastier!

Overall salad oil dressing with toasted flaxseeds really ups the flavour of the salad veggies but this doesn't make it to my must-try and must-eat-again list.

Pesto Pasta ($8.80)

Fragrant herbal sort of pesto flavour nicely blended into the pasta! A fresh, clean taste, simple but satisfying! Mozzerella cheese is in small amount so flavour is light, not for cheese fans. (: Pasta texture was just right and good to taste.

Mushroom Aglio Alio Pasta ($7.80)

Pasta tossed in garlic and olive oil with delicious sauteed wild mushrooms. Mildly spicy and can be made spicier if you opt for chilies to be added in! A well-done simple dish that is not too oily and light on the palate~

Mushroom Noodles ($7.80)

Looks so ordinary but the broth/sauce which the bouncy, springy wholegrain Japanese ramen noodles are tossed in is aromatic and amazingly yummy! Braised mushrooms were really good too~

In general their pasta and noodles are well done, no tough rubbery or overly mushy textures, and flavourful without being too overwhelming!

No photos but their Signature Brown Rice Set ($6.80)  are not bad too! Vegetable side dishes changes everyday and it makes a yummy nutritious meal. Waiting time is shorter for this cos they do have to pre-cook the side veggies for this one~!

Apparently their pizzas and calzones are superb too! Haven't had the chance to taste them and I can't wait to! (; Their menu is very comprehensive and list most ingredients in their food items and label whether they're vegan/gluten/wheat/soy-free, making it convenient for various diets! (: 

It's rather hard to find special western dishes that are vegetarian AND yummy AND healthy in Singapore so I'm really grateful that Real Food exists (although yes, they are slightly pricey but most of the time their quality is really good). Can't wait to nibble up the rest of the yummies on their menu! :P

6 Eu Tong Sen Street (The Central), #B1-52/53
Tel: 6224 4492
Daily 10am-9.30pm (last order 9pm)

110 Killiney Road
Tel: 6737 9516
Daily 10am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)


  1. Haha! You've tried all the good stuff! ^^ Can't wait for your part 2 review of Real Food!!! ^^