Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Delcie's Desserts (II) - Cakes That Care For You!

Finally I've gotten down to do my second review on Delcie's yummy and healthfulicious vegan cakes~! Read an intro and review about Delcie's here! (: I'm still so amazed how their cakes are nutritious and guilt-free yet so varied and yummy!!!

Molten Chocolate Cupcake ($6.80)

Yummylicious chocolate bomb! Can be eaten either heated up or chilled for a different expereince~ I had it chilled (though I would love to try it warm again!) and it was a lovely treat, rich pure cocoa flavour with none of the artificial additional sweetness! It's a dense, almost fudge-like cake (most of their rich choco cakes are like this e.g. Mud Fudge!) with a harder chocolate centre (I guess it turns gooey when heated? :P). The density I guess it's due to the high cocoa percentage and lack of eggs and dairy. Choco soy(?) cream on top was fabulously light and moistened up the cupcake.

Banana Walnut Cupcake ($6.80)
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Simple homely taste is executed in this cupcake! Banana fragrance is light and it reminds me of having a cozy breakfast at home or bringing a lunchbox to school. Accompanying toasted walnuts enhanced the taste. Oh and lastly I really can't stop raving about Delcie's whipped soy(?) cream. I usually hate the normal dairy whipped cream cos it always feels so heavy and makes me feel sick.. But Delcie's cream is so light, moist and yummy I can't have enough of it! :D

Durian Cupcake ($6.80)

I LOVE THIS. Nothing can really go wrong if pure quality durian pulp is used in a food. :P In this case the yummy durian was filled in the middle of the vcanilla cake base and topped generously with silky, light and delicious durian soy(?) cream! *squeals in delight~* The cake flavour complemented the durian well but the only gripe is that cake could be moister and softer! And... Durian flavour could be stronger! Well I guess nothing beats eating the actual durian on its own~ :P

Durianian ($50)

Ordered this for my dad's birthday and specially requested heart shaped! The cream was great as usual and it was actually rather similar to durian cupcake! Same cake texture problem too though and durian pulp should be thicker cos the durian flavour is really too light. Overall not bad but not the best durian cake! (ps I think the cupcake is nicer~)

Durian Chocolate Cake

Sounds amazing right~? It's combining 2 of my major favourites! This one's a limited edition cos they were still experimenting and unfortunately it didn't make it to their newly launched menu... ); Anyway, the choco cake base was yummy as always, fluffy and soft, and I particularly fancied the dark choco fudge layer on top~ However it would have been a great hit if the durian pulp and cream between the layers and around the cake had higher percentage of durian pulp! Hmm I realise it's the same problem for their durian cakes!

Blackforest Cake ($7.80)

Fluffy and soft chocolate cake embedded with superb juicy and large sweet cherries, layered and frosted generously with delicious soy cream and garnished with chocolate shards and sweeter cherries~ *bliss~* This is one extremely enjoyable cake, not cloyingly sweet and without dry aftertaste of usual cakes! Cherries are really good but I'm not sure what they were soaked in, it's not alcohol.

Blueforest Cake ($7.80)

A cousin of the traditional Blackforest Cake! The blueberry jam on top was tart and sweet, and perfect with the spongy cake and cream and dried blueberries within the cake~ A light yummy treat! Though I still prefer Cedele's Blueberry Maple Cake. :P

Cosmos Mango Cake

Ordered this for another dad's birthday! This one tasted okay only for me though... The least impressionable one amongst all I've tried... Don't know if it's because we didn't defrost it anough or what, the mangoes sandwiched between the cake layers was half soft half icy and very un-mangoe-ish... Hmm I guess it's quite hard to maintain the freshness and juicyness of fruits in cakes...? Overall acceptable~

Woah post is getting abit long! Haha maybe I shall save muffins, teacakes and cup desserts for another post then! (^-^) As for sliced cakes, Choconana and White Chocolate Carrot Cake are still on my to-try list! (;

Sad thing is that they're not a dine-in cafe so only a very limited number of flavours of sliced cakes are available in store at one time... And it's nopt fixed so you can never be sure of what's available everyday! (><) And there's the problem of it being miles away from my home.... (T_T)

Hope to have the luck soon! (; As for you, go gobble up some of their delish and yet still nutritious desserts!


  1. Hey Seonhee,

    Fantastic review of Delcie's. I am surprised I have not seen/heard of your blog sooner. I will add you to my Blogging Buddies list, and also let the Vegetarian Society know of your blog, so more people can read your reviews.

    Keep up the good work!

    Luke (Hungry Ang Mo)

    1. Thank you! ^^ I love your blog too, I'm also an Indian food fan~
      Hmm but since you turned vegan isn't it hard to eat Indian food already? ): Cos it often contains cow's milk!

    2. Hey Seonhee,

      You're right! It is still possible to find some South Indian dishes that are vegan, but for North dishes it is almost impossible. Nevertheless, I cook at home, so all the dishes I love, I just make at home in a dairy free version.

      What are your favourite Indian dishes?

      Luke (Hungry Ang Mo)

    3. Hii Luke!

      Great that u can make indian dishes! I can't seem to make good ones on my own.... (T_T) Favourites? That's a really hard one.... >< I like the whole assortment generally... But I guess I fancy murtabaks, spicy thick curries with naans/pratas/thosai/chapati! (:

    4. A good place to start when looking for Indian recipes is this website - www.vahrehvah.com. This is pretty much my bible when it comes to testing out Indian dishes. The way he makes thick curries is particularly great!

    5. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks~! Will go and check it out and cook up some yummy indian dishes on my own! (;

  2. Hello! I recently ordered the mud fudge chocolate cake for my birthday too and I really liked it! :D
    Hope you keep blogging because you're giving me some really good ideas about where to eat next.

  3. Hiii Lynn!

    Oh yes the mud fudge is absolutely divine! :D and really! I'm glad my humble lil blog has actially sparked inpirations~! Hehe thanks and i will do my best to do even more better reviews~! ^^