Monday, June 18, 2012

Cedele (II)- Megadelicious Cakes

I'm back from a really busy 2 weeks!! (: Bringing you back upon my nibbling journey~

Cakes at Cedele are something you must not miss! Quality wholesome ingredients used, organic unrefined sugar, unsalted butter, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and even whole wheat flour, without compromising on their superb flavour! They can even do eggless and diabetic-suitable cakes if ordered 3 days in advance! (:

Don't know it's me or what, Cedele cakes always have a very special distinct taste that differentiates it from other brands' cakes, a homely taste? Haha. What's more almost all their cakes are not overwhelming and it's easy to finish a slice and even crave for more! :D

Apart from their extensive range of permanent cakes that they rotate and retail at their outlets, they do seasonal and special creations during special occasions. Last month I fell in love with their Apple Caramello Cake done exclusively for Mothers' Day!

Apple Caramello Cake ($6.50)

Moist flavourful maple apple cake studded with apple bits, layered and frosted with salted caramel cream cheese and topped with yummy granola oats and cranberries~! *bliss~* Nibble after nibble, it's a natural not-too-sweet satisfying flavour that gives a fuzzy feeling that makes you smile happily. Very abstract I know hehe. Some outlets might still sell it but it'll prolly be gone completely very soon! ); So go grab it now! (;

Another seasonal cake (can be made upon order) that I love is Black Sesame Cake w Tahini Frosting ($6.50) that was a Fathers' Day special last year!

Black Sesame Cake w Tahini Frosting ($6.50)

Perfect blend of nutty fragrant black sesame flavour into the soft fluffy cake complete with lil crunchy black sesame seeds embedded within and subtly sweet tahini (white sesame) frosting!! Megadeliciousness~! Topped with dried figs and cranberries~ Mmmm a must-try for sesame lovers! Sadly they do not retail permanently as slices but only made upon order as whole cakes... *sigh~*

Chocolate Truffle Cake ($6)

This is one sinful cake! Pure decadent smooth velvety wonderfully rich dark chocolate truffle mousse on top of a delicious crumbly biscuit crust and dusted with a layer of fine bitter cocoa powder~ *melts~* Not cloyingly sweet with a weeny tinge of bitterness, it's awesomely chocolatey!! Super shiok eating this! But unless you're a crazy chocolate fan (like me), you might be unable to finish a whole slice! :P

By the way this is eggless (lacto-veg) and I ordered it for my sis' bday last week! Yumz~ The impressive thing is that you can actually smell the aroma of the chocolate from some distance from the cake! :D A sign of good quality~

Spot the cake with candles! (; The ice cream pints by the side are from The Daily Scoop: Black Sesame, Earl Grey and Strawberry Shortcake! Super good too~~!

Blueberry Maple Cake ($6)

Ahh~ Another cake that puts a smile on your face! Not super exciting, but a simple sweet fragrant maple flavour of this moist crumbly cake accompanied by fruity flavour of blueberry jam and blueberries makes it a light and yummylicious treat! Toasted almond slices studded on the side makes it even better! :D Moreover it's made of nutritious whole wheat flour making it even more a must-try~! (;

Carrot Walnut Cake ($6)

The famous bestselling carrot cake of Cedele. I'm not exactly a carrot cake fanatic so I'm unable to rate whether it is indeed the best. But undeniably it is one scrumptious cake with a light cinnamon fragrance! The texture is denser compared to the maple cake and studded with generous amount of toasted walnuts and carrot shreds! I would love it more if it had juicy raisins too~ :P Cream cheese frosting is very thick (I would prefer a lighter one cos it gets abit too "gluey") and slightly sweet, best eaten with alot of cake~ The slice is rather huge and filling and heavier in taste compared to maple cake!

I'm craving for another slice of Cedele cake now already... Still got more of their cakes I've yet to taste! And these are only their chilled cakes! They still have a wide assortment of pastries, tarts, muffins, cookies etc that are equally yummylicious~! :D Hehe until then, go pop by the nearest Cedele outlet now!

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  1. I LOVE CEDELE'S CAKES TOO!! they are my favourite! i only eat cakes from there. haha! the Apple one looks soooo good!! T^T