Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bread Project

This small lil' bakery nestled in the corner of Joo Chiat Road seems unassuming an nondescript, but produces scrumptious baked goods loved very much by the residents of the area.

Compared to Tiong Bahru Bakery, The Bread Project was launched without much fanfare, nor helmed by some famous chef and doesn't boast an extensive variety of confectionery. However its bread and pastries are all baked with care and very much pleases the taste buds~! (^-^)

Although located millions of miles away from my home, I had the luck to try this bakery twice!

Notice something? The above photo was taken the first time I went when they were near closing time. Price of Bostok is $2.30 and Cranberry Raisin Swirl $2.30. Below photo was taken the second time I went, a few weeks later.

The price of the Bostok is now $2.90 and Cranberry Raisin Swirl $3.20!! (O_O) I have no idea what happened, is it because near closing and they sell the pastries cheaper? It can't be such a great rise in pricing in such a short period of time right! (O_O)

Anyway, their bestsellers are:
Almond Crossaint ($3.60)

Bostok ($2.90)

Both yummies contain a similar almond vanilla filling that's wonderfully fragrant and delicious, not cloyingly sweet, with crispy almond flakes on top~
Almond Crossaint interior:

Other than that they're different. I personally prefer the Almond Crossaint, buttery crispy layers of crossaint encasing the soft interior and fillings~ A plus point is the very crunchy and sweet layer on top, makes the whole pastry very enjoyable! It's quite filling despite the size! A must-try there! :D

Bostok on the other hand is akin to 2 pieces of crispy lightly toasted bread encasing the fillings. This is a lighter, less filling pastry that delivers a different texture compared to the crossaint. In my opinion, this is abit less exciting and flavour isn't as strong, but tasty enough for a light almond snack! (:

Almond Shortbread ($1.50)

Almond again! Love it. (; The almond flavour is good, not too sweet balanced with the perfect amount of saltiness. But it could have been much better like the Chinese New Year almond cookies I've eaten~ Texture-wise inclusion of almond slices was great but other than that it was abit disappointing... Not the crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture that I expect of good shortbreads, but somewhere in the middle of crunchy and chewy texture. Hmm...

Orange Cream Tart ($3.50)

Uh deceiving name! Not exactly a tart! Rather, it's a soft bread baked in a similar concept as a tart, so no crunchy/crispy tart shell here. Orange cream was bursting with citrus flavour and isn't the sour type. It includes bits of orange rinds so occassionally biting on the bits within gives a very very subtle bitterness. This paired with the buttery crumbles on top (my favourite!) and the pillowy bread makes a rather great combination of textures and taste!

But I've eaten a similar bread from Sun Moulin Bakery @ Shaw House that's much better and cheaper!

Orange Custard Sweet Bread ($2)

The orange filling is smoother and sweeter and more generous, bread pillowy soft with a fragrance of its own and crumbles are bigger, more crumbly and yummy! Go try it! (:

Didn't have the chance to stomach the tempting Sticky Bun and famed Kouign Amaan which they make only occasionally, I only saw it's delicious photos on Facebook. ):

They do sell a variety of French bread like baguettes and loafs etc on racks by the side of the store and I'm sure those include lacto-veg (eggless) options! I didn't spot anything that looks vegan though...

Anyway, do drop by  The Bread Project  if you can! Small but quality variety of confectionary! But don't go when it's near evening cos all the yummy stuff would have been gone by then! (:

The Bread Project
174 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6440 9228
Tue-Fri 9am-6pm
Sat-Sun 9am-3pm (Closed on Mondays)


  1. Wow! Your pictures make me feel like sinking my teeth into these pastries!!! Especially the almond crossaint!!!