Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Windowsill Pies

Closed temporarily as of 29 July 2012 (they are searching for a new place)

The moment I discovered the existence of this bakery, I knew I had to try it out. Come on, they sell PIES. That lovely flaky buttery shell encasing lots of yummylicious delights. *dreamy*

Windowsill Pies offer their variety of delicious pies in a tiny little shop nestled in the quiet neighbourhood of Pandan Valley. Unfortunately, only takeaway is available... Not exactly the most accessible place but definitely worth the trip! (;

Super cute and pretty name cards! :D Took one of each pie's to use as bookmark hehe.

Selected 2 of 'em!

S'mores Pie ($6.50)

Smooth, cool, thick, creamy and rich milk chocolate upon a flaky buttery pie crust, topped with grahams and toasted melted marshmallows.... *swoons~* DECADENCE. It wasn't overpoweringly sweet, chocolate had the "oomph" factor. Enough said, you have to try it to understand. (;

Apple Pie ($6.40)

Fan of apple pie here!!! :D This isn't your traditional apple pie solely with big chunks of apple and raisin filings with the cinnamony sweetness. But instead it has a fragrant vanilla-bean specked filling, like those inside almond croissants, which is then topped with crisp apple slices and studded with juicy raisins with a mild hint of cinnamon. A light wonderful taste that is very enjoyable and easy to finish the whole slice, and a refreshing break from the heavy taste of the S'mores pie. (;

The only problem is like in all apple pies, the apple slices are hard to cut with a fork, resulting in much of the fragrant filling and pie crust to go without accompanying taste of the apples...

Not long ago I tried a Pumpkin Pie at a vegetarian cafe Real Food.

Pumpkin Pie ($7.50 @ Real Food)

Sweet, smooth and delicious pumpkin filling with a dollop of vanilla-bean specked Bourbon cream (abit too sweet) with the same flaky buttery crust. YUMMY. It's so hard to find my favourite pumpkin desserts and dishes in Singapore... );

It wasn't labelled what brand of pie it was and I was super tempted by the rest of the pies on display then! After visiting Windowsill Pies then now I realise that they are the same pies! :D But then Real Food sells it at $1+ more than the original price, so make your way down to Pandan Valley instead!

I'll be back again ASAP to try out the rest of their tantalising pies like pecan, banana cognac almond brittle, strawberry lemon meringue, cherry morello.... (;

Windowsill Pies
2 Pandan Valley #01-206
Tel: 9004 7827
Weekdays 12pm-7pm (Closed on Tue)
Weekends 10am-7pm

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