Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing the Love of Food~

Hellooooo world~! 안녕하세요 여려분~!! (^o^) 

Been resisting the urge to publicly share the my love of food for a loooong time, in fear of adding blogging to my long list of sinful addictions (food hunting, nibbling/snacking, watching korean dramas and running man, stalking ppl on facebook, zoning out for long periods of time etc.). (><)

But OH WELL, since I am free now on a long holiday before school starts again (excuses~ :P)....

Today shall be the day then, to officially declare my infatuation and my ridiculous weakness for yummies aka good food all over the world! Hehehe. 8D

However in my dictionary, yummies exclude all meat and seafood, ingredients that once lived and experienced pain, anger, sadness, happiness and love. I love my animals. :D

Don't worry this doesn't dictate that this whole blog's gonna be about eating grass, leaves and trees (BET THAT'S WHAT U ARE THINKING. RIGHT?). On the contrary vegetarians eat ALOT more variety of food than you think (which I am about to prove to you), and can be alot more yummy and unhealthy than you expect! I don't munch on vegetables the whole time, though I should and really wish I could so I wouldn't be so unhealthy... (X_X)

Mmmm that's all! I should be going off now to nibble on my salad before I do my chores and turn in early tonight! A serious need to replenish my sleep and cure my panda eyes is calling~~

LOOK OUT FOR THE NEXT AND VERY FIRST EXHIBITION OF YUMMIES! (which unfortunately has been digested by my stomach and absorbed by my bloodstream or passed out as waste. Teehee.)

Until then~

❤ 선희 Chenxi (thepeabrainner)


  1. Looking forward to your food related frolics!


    1. Thanks! ^^ i found alot of good eats from ur blog too. (;