Saturday, May 19, 2012

Raw Set Lunch @ The Living Cafe

My 2nd visit to The Living Cafe had a mission of trying out a proper meal there. Check out my 1st visit here.

And so~ I ordered a Set Lunch that included Entree, Main and Dessert ($18.80nett) which is actually pretty worth it as the ala carte items would be more expensive. They have no service charge and additional GST! (:

Raw Samosa w Mango Chutney

Chutney (the sauce with mango chunks) was good!! And it actually included juicy raisins. It was sweet, sour and sufficiently spicy (yay) and complemented the chewy samosa very well!
Samosas contained peas, chickpeas and carrots I think...? Earthy with mild curry taste, abit dry and normal on its own but the mango chutney saved it! (: But it had a strong garlic/onion taste I didn't really like, but that's my own preference... Don't really fancy those pungent roots.

Raw TLC Burger w Cheesy Sauce ($15 for a la carte)

Interesting! Raw patty was composed of 23-hour dehydrated mushrooms, walnuts, and more and it was topped with cheesy sauce, tomatoes, onions, alfafa sprouts and sandwiched between lettuce "bread"
At first bite it surprised me cos it was unlike the dry chewy texture I half-expected of the patty, but moist, packed full of flavour and "creamy", you know abit like mash potato? So if you don't like mushy textures avoid this.

However I felt that it was overwhelmingly salty such that it was quite unbearable towards the end... (><) Maybe it was to compensate for the bland accompaniments?? Recommended to eat with all the veggie "bread" it came along with, I made the mistake of devouring most first and leaving a thin layer... ):

The orange-pinkish cheesy sauce was good! Though honestly I didn't taste much of it due to the salty patty... The accompanying bit of sauce by the side is avocado salsa I think. Normal but fabulous with the plain crunchy lettuce. Oh and I picked out all the raw onions again... :P

Raw Chocolate Parfait

First impression: Sweet! It was really sweet but don't worry it isn't the overwhelming white sugar type of sweet but a very pleasant toffee-like one. :P Moreover it's a petite portion so it's just the right amount! They focus on healthy and nutritious so they probably use honey/agave nectar/raw unrefined sugar. (: The chocolate flavour, sadly is very mild... (.__.) They should just name it sweet toffee parfait or something.

It is made of cashew cream if I am not wrong, raw desserts use alot of the yummy cashews (yay again!) to achieve the dense, creamy texture that cannot be done otherwise without using cream and eggs. I could spot beautiful specks of vanilla beans in the bottom layer of cashew cream too! Lovely creamy dessert to end the meal sweetly~! (^-^)

Overall it was a very unique experience tasting a totally raw meal (uncooked!) but yet with sufficient flavour. Not the best option if you're looking for hot meal and exciting flavours but perfect for a rare change for the experience.
Probably won't order the same thing again though... :P

779 Bukit Timah Road
(It's just a little bit further up Bt Timah Rd from Sixth Avenue Centre, behind Guthrie House and facing the main road)
Tel: 6762 8029
Daily 9am-10pm 

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