Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Raw Cuisine @ The Living Cafe

Recently discovered this really cool cafe/restaurant along Bukit Timah Road (can't believe i found out only now when it's rather close to my house...) that focuses on healthy organic wholesome living.

The most special thing it offers is something that barely exists in Singapore: Raw Cuisine!
I only remembered trying some raw avocado pie at Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant long time ago... So finally after so long of wanting to try raw foods out proper, I set off happily last week to discover The Living Cafe.

Simple elegant place with chill-out music. As expected, this expensive and rather special cuisine sort of place was patronised by ang-mohs 90% of the time. I'm a rare species there. (;

Okay sorry just nice I took 2 photos when there wasn't any ang-mohs... Inaccurate representation.. (-.-)

Glass dessert counter attracted me first. Haha expected.

They didn't have the full range of desserts available that day, they've got more~!! :D
Tempting array of guilt-free and nutritious desserts! Will slowly try out all of them in the days to come!

Just in case you are mistaken, they are not a totally raw/vegetarian cafe. They serve up a rather extensive menu of healthy meat/seafood options for the carnivores too! Cooked, warm food is also available. Raw food actually makes up a small section.

Not actually looking for lunch but tea time foodies but I ended up ordering a main.

Raw Zucchini Pasta w Marinara Sauce ($12)

Well, technically it isnt a proper main course since the pasta noodles are actually long shredded strips of the crunchy vegetable zucchini, and it's a rather small portion, so I ain't pigging out. :B
It was served cold (duh it's raw) and it was literally a salad disguised as pasta hahaha. :P The "pasta" was well tossed and thoroughly marinated in the sauce, which was tasty. An overall refreshing and interesting dish though I don't like the strong onion/garlic taste, this is my personal preference.

Not recommended to just eat this for a meal though, doesn't fill you up since it is purely light veggies, not unless you're on a diet, then this is a great sub for pasta. (;

Of course I couldn't resist ordering a dessert. (that was what I was mainly targeting when I went there anyway. :B )

Raw Blueberry "Cheese"cake ($8.50/slice)

YUMMY! (^o^)
Nice rendition of traditional cheesecake, it's sugar-free and dairy-free made from cashew nut milk and Irish Moss, um whatever that is... Okay biased opinion here as I am a fan of cashew nuts. The texture is of course slightly different from traditional cheesecakes being less dense and more like mousse but thus it makes it easy to finish the whole heavy slice without feeling very sick of it! (:

The blueberry taste was refreshingly sweet with the slightest tinge of sourness and the sweet honey nut crust (yeap not biscuit crust cos this is raw!) paired well with it~ It was actually quite filling as it is made of nuts! Wholesome nutritious "cheese"cake for you~ (;

If you want to learn how to create yummy raw cuisine they actually conduct classes to teach there!

Immensely enjoyed the experience there, service was great (they all smiled~), nice place to chill and read books too. Definitely not easy on the pocket ($$$), but in my opinion it's worth the experience of such a rare cuisine in Singapore and also they use good quality organic ingredients!

Read about my 2nd visit! (^-^)
❤ 선희 Chenxi (thepeabrainner)

779 Bukit Timah Road
(It's just a little bit further up Bt Timah Rd from Sixth Avenue Centre, behind Guthrie House and facing the main road)
Tel: 6762 8029
Daily 9am-10pm 

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