Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Green Pasture Cafe -Healthy Veggies Made Delicious

As many vegetarians in Singapore would know, Fortune Centre (near Bugis, Kwan Inn Temple) is a haven for vegetarians with numerous vegetarian restaurants and bakeries in that single building.

One of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Singapore is in there! Located at the top 4th floor, the wonderful aroma wafting out from New Green Pasture Cafe will entice anyone to enter the cosy cafe to try out their yummylicious cuisine. Their focus on using a wide healthy, organic vegetables and fruits in their cuisine does not compromise on flavour at all! I brought my meat-loving grandparents once there and they gave their approval~! (;

Soba Salad ($7.50)

Take this favourite dish of mine there as an example. Most non-vegetarians would qualm at the look of this cold dish with a wide assortment of vegetables mixed together. But don't be deceived by its plain look! Mix everything together and the taste is refreshing, and amazingly yummy!!! Their salad sauce is light and really tasty and the brown rice crackers lend a yummy crunch, all the vegetables and along with the firm bouncy soba noodles complement each other perfectly. This dish will change your idea of boring salads! (;

Korean Bibimbap ($7.50 w/o kimchi, $9.50 w kimchi)

Another favourite here! The aroma when the sizzling stone pot is brought to you is heavenly~ I love mixing the sizzling rice with the vegetables and spicy sauce. The creamy sweet potato in the middle that replaces the traditional egg yolk in bibimbap is fantastic and the soy fish and sauteed tofu is delicious~ If you're scared of eating vegetables, you should try this! (; Ask for it without kimchi though cos the kimchi isn't really good.

Golden Pillow (Sandwich) ($7-8?)

Yummy healthy toasted wholemeal bread with a tofu patty and vegetables with a fabulous sauce and creamy cheese. Such a satisfying and comfy food. Love sandwiches!! :D

Super recommended dishes without photos (T_T):
Sri Lanka Roll: This is suuuuuuper yummylicious! Potato, cheese, tofu, vegetables and some amazing sauce wrapped in warm wholemeal wrap~ *melts* A MUST-TRY!
Vietnamese Roll: The traditional vietnamese roll with veggies wrapped in translucent rice wrap with a unique mix of herbs and spices. YUMZ.
Curry Noodles: Flavoursome curry~
Nasi Briyani

Some other dishes:
Shanghai Zhajiangmyeon ($7)

Grilled Pumpkin & Dumpling Noodles (?)

Penang Laksa (?)

Hmm... This dish is not worth trying... Lacks the correct flavour.

One big problem here though is that the food comes abit slow because it is run by a few aunties only and everything is made only upon order. It's a self-service system where they will call out your order number when your food is ready for you to get it.

They do not use eggs, onion or garlic but some of their dishes uses cheese. But most of their dishes are vegan or can be veganised easily upon request!

Their menu is really extensive, many many yummy food to try out! (^-^)
The great thing here is their sauces and use of natural herbs and spices to create amazing flavours to plain old vegetables. Healthy, nutritious yet yummy, this place is a great try!

New Green Pasture Cafe
190 Middle Road (Fortune Centre) #04-22 (Next to the Indian temple beside the Kwan Inn Temple)
Tel: 6336 8755
Tue-Sun 11am-8pm (Closed on Mon)

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