Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Love Affair with Delcie's Desserts

Read up on my 2nd post on this with even more yummy cakes! (:
You know the experience when you seriously crave for rich, sugary and sweet foodies, and then you go on a feasting spree on all sorts of fatty sugary (but fabulously delicious) foodies... And then only after you stop do you realise the horrendous amount of unhealthiness that you have just blindly consumed, and start feeling disgusted, sick and very very fat?

That feeling is just crap right. ):<

But then I still remember a few years back I was trying to go healthy (i.e. exclude junk refined and processed food), I was greatly saddened to have to give up my favourite desserts, and then Delcie's Desserts came and saved the day~

I came across the bakery randomly when I was googling for healthy desserts in Singapore and OH YES I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I FOUND IT. (^o^)

They were very new then and had a small private bakery, no shop-front and accepted only online orders. Thankfully , they retailed a selection of their wonderful desserts at a few vegetarian eateries so I was able to try them out! I remember making my way to the vegan restaurant, Loving Hut at Parklane Mall to try out this new find in my -I CAN'T WAIT!!- mode. :B

I wasn't disappointed. It was love at first bite. (^v^)(Y)

Vegan Brownie w Walnuts ($4.80)
*that's the old price, it is now $3.80 for a smaller square. I prefer the old size...

(pardon the lousy resolution, my old photos were either taken by a sub-standard digital cam or a lousy handphone cam...... (x_x) )

I ate it warm. So moist and so rich in smooth chocolate flavour without being cloyingly sweet, studded with fragrant walnuts and melted chocolate chips. Perfectly satisfies chocolate dessert cravings~

Again and again.

The Vegan Cranberry Brownie, topped with superb vegan peanut butter caramel ice cream from Brownice. (well, that's another wonderful story. (: )

Delicious juicy cranberries.

OH WAIT. I haven't even told you what's the big deal about this brownie from Delcie's. I mean, all chocolate brownies are supposed to be yummy anyway right.

BUT. Delcie's is different.
Their lovely desserts are:
  1. 100% Dairy-free (no fat & cholesterol)
  2. 100% Egg-free (no fat & cholesterol)
  3. Free of gelatin and renette (no animals by-product)
  4. Halal prepared (suitable for Muslim friends)
  5. Only lightly sweeten with raw sugar (low calories)
  6. Diabetic friendly and sugar-free option is also available (low G.I and calories)
  7. Baked with heart-healthy organic brown rice milk (enriched with calcium)
  8. Baked Trans-fat free
  9. Baked fresh and naturally with unbleached wholemeal flour (high in fiber)
  10. Beautifully decorated with organic 70% dark chocolate and/or fresh fruits (high in fiber and antioxidant)
  11. Gluten-free / wheat-free option is also available (friendly for gluten intolerance)
  12. Made with 70-85% organic and fresh ingredients (tastier and support green living)
  13. 100% hand-process without any machine except the oven to bake.
  14. Moist texture (traditional home baked taste)
i.e. their desserts and pastries are as yummy as any other normal ones but chockful of nutritious ingredients that make your body happy! No more sick and disgusted feeling after indulging in desserts, not sinful but guilt-free! (^o^)

Another fantastic find those few years back when they were at Loving Hut was this:

Mud Fudge ($7.50/slice)

I assure you this was intense chocolatey goodness~ But this is one really dense cake (thus the term fudge)! Avoid it if you prefer light fluffy cakes. 
Hard to believe this is actually without dairy, eggs and unhealthy ingredients. (;

I ordered the whole mud fudge cake in diabetic-friendly version for my mom's birthday a year ago, unfortunately there is no picture...

Delcie's Desserts finally opened their own retail store at the start of this year so a huge variety of their cakes, muffins, cookies, cup desserts are more readily available for indulgence now! However it is located billions of miles away from me at Kovan... *sigh* 

Do note that they have no dining area, only two chairs and a small glass table for resting or for a single hungry soul who wants to eat their cake immediately!

They have recently revamped their menu, adding lots of yummylicious options! Thus I have alot more desserts I am raring to try now! :P

Do look out for alot more future reviews on Delcie's other desserts! I still have a lovely treasury of photos to share with you on my never-ending love affair with Delcie's Desserts. (;

(closed on Mon)

(ps. I will be posting a greaaaat many old reviews and old photos I have taken in the past as I really want to share them! But really do pardon the lousy resolution of the photos, I was almost never armed with a proper camera whenever I went pigging out in the past....)

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