Friday, May 25, 2012

Local Ice Cream (III)- Tom's Palette and Ice Cream Chefs

Tom's Palette

A small but rather famous and popular ice cream parlour at Shaw Towers that churns out a huge variety of flavours, delectable, creative and exotic! Their flavours will really peak anyone's interest~ (; They have friendly staff that will gladly let you sample to many many flavours before you take your pick!

I've tried their ice cream many times, and it's really yummy! But again I've no idea where my photos disappeared to.... (><)

Small: Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Savoury Crunch ($3.20)

Dark Chocolate Sorbet is highly recommended!!! Made without dairy products but pure luscious chocolate, water and a little sugar, the richness and intensity of the dark chocolate will blow you away~ Not too bitter and just slightly sweet with a thick texture that is not too heavy, chocolate fans will be very pleased by this flavour!! (;

Savoury Crunchy is a really cool and innovative flavour! Salty crunchy potato chips admist a creamy sweet praline base icecream. Yumz! And it actually complements the dark choco! :D But do note it might start tasting weird after half a scoop for some weird reason.

The good thing there is that for the cheapest small cup you are still allowed up to 2 flavours! Which means you can try more without paying too much! Unlike many ice cream places which only allows one flavour for the small cup. ):

Other fantastic flavours:
Granny's Favourite (top-selling! malted chocolate ice cream w choc chip cookie dough, abit like horlicks milo combi.)
Salted Caramel Cheesecake (for serious cheesecake or slated caramel fans! heavy flavour here!)
Nuts N Such (brownie batter, choco chips, pecan nuts swirled in peanut butter icecream! nut lovers' fix!)
Cherry Almond (sweet refreshing like almond pudding~~ quite like ben&jerry's cherry garcia!)
Black Sesame

Salted Egg Yolk is a popular flavour too but I did not and will never try cos I hate such eggy flavours....

Every month they launch an interesting new flavour! May's flavour is Nasty Mix: chocolate, peanut butter, caramel sauce and pretzels. Sounds absolutely divine!

They rotate their non-permanent flavours so do check out their calendar. (: Updates of new flavours are found on their Facebook page!
Their prices are up from last time... ):
Small($3.20), Medium($4), Large($5)
Tom's Palette
100 Beach Road (Shaw Leisure Gallery), #01-25
Tel: 6296 5639
Mon-Thurs 12pm-9.30pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-10pm
Sun 1pm-7pm (Closed every last Sun of the month)

Ice Cream Chefs

You've probably heard of Cold Stone Creamery, Cold Rock, Marble Slab where they "fry" your ice cream on a cold granite stone to mix in yummy toppings and sauces.

There's a small and pink local ice cream parlour that serves this concept too! They call themselves the Ice Cream Chefs! They serve up a relatively interesting array of flavours, but though of course not as much as Tom's!

Kaya Lotee and Creme Brulee w Caramelised Biscuit mix-in

Chippy Mint and Turkish Apple Tea or Horlicks
(sorry really can't remember............)

Honestly speaking, their ice cream eaten alone isnt very memorable and lacks the oomph factor. It's only after mix-ins that enhances the flavours and makes it a better treat! But they do have a few quite unique flavours that stand out more~!

Great flavours include:
Kaya Lotee (pandan kaya base w toasted bread pieces! a yummy local delight!! Good with peanut butter!)
Creme Brulee (the italian dessert taste! great with caramel biscuits or timtams mix-in!)
Nutty Peanut Butter (need i say more? (: but it would be better with an even richer pb taste! Great with oreo and many!)
Milk Tea (lovely fragrant and refreshing! Your traditional milk tea frozen!)

(photo credit to Natalie Wong, my fellow food hunter (; )
They often will have special add-ons to the mix-ins! (:

Another gripe is that both their shops are at extremely ulu places... (><) They often have promotions and discounts so check out their Facebook page~
Go get your unique ice cream creation~! (;

Ice Cream Chefs
12 Jalan Kuras (Upper Thomson, beside the Awfully Chocolate there)
Tel: 6458 4849
Sun-Thurs 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat Eve of PH 12pm-12am

520 East Coast Road #01-06
Tel: 6446 6355
Mon-Thurs 1pm-10pm
Fri-Sat Eve of PH 1pm-11pm

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