Friday, May 11, 2012

Local Ice Cream (I): The Daily Scoop, Island Creamery

One of the best comfort foods on a crappy depressing day is definitely the cold, creamy and delightful ice cream~ (^-^) *sigh~*

The good thing is, Singapore has an abundance of unique ice cream parlours spread all over the little island! (; What's even better is that many of these parlours serve up fresh local handmade ice cream that boasts of a great variety of creative and tantalising flavours!

And thankfully, there is no need to burn a hole in the pocket to get premium ice creams like Ben&Jerry's and Haagen Daz to satisfy the sinful ice cream craving because these local ice cream brands are equally yummy but cheaper!

Out of the numerous brands, I shall only review those that have made me very happy and left a lasting impression on me. (; Hehe. Let's start with the older established brands!

The Daily Scoop

Fell in love with them after my first encounter with their Salted Mister Brown and Durian on top of rich chocolate brownie~ *melts* (sadly, no photo cos that was a few years back.... ); )

2 Junior Scoops: Butterscotch & Pecan and Strawberry Shortcake ($4)

4 Junior Scoops: Salted Mister Brown (top), (from bottom left) Black Sesame, Orange Chai Tea, Strawberry Shortcake

Photos of quite a few other flavours I tried are unavailable.... ):
Favourites include the abovmentioned:
Salted Mister Brown (salted caramel ice cream swirled with crumbled choco brownie pieces~),
Durian-Durian (seasonal),
Hei! Sesame (super rich black sesame taste like the paste itself! seasonal!),
Butterscotch & Pecan,
Strawberry Shortcake (fresh strawberry in a strawberry and cream base, studded w shortcake pcs),
Earl Grey,
Kookie Monster (dark cookie base w lots of cookie chunks!)

Their extensive range of creative flavours in store never fail to give me a headache over what to choose whenever I visit their parlours... Haha.
Very affordable pricing! Single scoops at $3 and junior scoops at only $2! Allow us to try more flavours~ (;

The Daily Scoop
41 Sunset Way, #01-04
Tel: 6463 3365
Mon-Thur 11am-9pm
Fri/Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 2pm-9pm

43 Jalan Mera Saga, #01-78 Chip Bee Gardens
Tel: 64753128
Mon-Thur 11am-10pm
Fri/Sat 11am-10.30pm
Sun 2pm-10pm

Island Creamery

Almost everyone living in the West, especially students, will hear of this very local icecream parlour that serves up lots of local flavours! (: Affordable pricing of $2.80 single scoop and $4.50 double etc for good icecream, of course it's well-loved!

Chendol and Reverso ($4.50)

Reverso is a popular one: dark chocolate ice cream w lots of oreo cookie chunks. YUMMY A MUST TRY. :D Chendol is not bad but of course I still prefer the real thing with a much richer coconut milk taste.

Nutella Ice cream w Apple Pie ($4.80)

Er sadly, this wasn't really good... (><) Nutella is one of the flavours that Island Creamery doesn't do very well in my opinion, the hazelnut chocolate taste is way too mild... ): Apple pie was extremely ordinary and nothing fantastic.

Apple Pie Ice Cream w Molten Choco Lava Cake ($6plus?)

Apple pie ice cream is my personal favourite there! (^-^) Refreshing sweet apples with a hint of cinnamon and pie crumbles in vanilla ice cream is yummylicious~ Lava cake was quite good, I mean warm chocolate and ice cream almost never goes wrong, but this one doesn't really shine through...

Have tried a great many times their ice cream but without photos.... (T_T) Other fabulous must-tries are:
Black Sesame!!! Very very good better than The Daily Scoop haha. But it's seasonal too...
Teh Tarik (vouched by my teh-fanatic mom to be a teh gao gao gao (; )
Pulut Hitam
Blackforest (for alcoholics!)

MUDPIE: Reverso, Cookies&Cream,Burnt Caramel Ice cream covered with Oreo chunks on top of Oreo base. ($4.80)

(this photo is from their facebook) MUST EAT IT YOURSELF TO UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE LOVE IT. :P

Island Creamery (Serene Centre)
10 Jalan Serene #01-03 Serene Centre
Tel: 6468 8859
Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve and PH 11am-11pm

Island Creamery (Great World City)
1 Kim Seng Promenade
Tel: 6733 7668
Daily 11am-930pm

Island Creamery (Holland Village)
3 Lorong Liput #01-02 Holland Village Shopping Mall
Tel: 6466 6865
Sun-Thurs 11am- 10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve and PH 11am-11pm

Island Creamery (King Albert Park)
11 King Albert Park #01-02 McDonald's Place
Tel: 6467 1571
Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve & PH 11am-11pm

Look forward to many many more future posts on ice cream parlours in Singapore! (:

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