Sunday, May 13, 2012

LivinGreens (II)- Yummy Vegan Desserts

Another rare find in Singapore: healthy organic vegan cakes that are yummy!

LivinGreens' cakes are made without eggs, milk, butter, wheat flour (! yes) so they are suitable for vegans, wheat allergic people and everyone else! They can even specially make cakes suitable for diabetics. They only use nutritious millet, barley, chickpea, arrowroot or brown rice flours and high-iron molasses to sweeten their lovely cakes instead of simple refined sugars. (^-^)

There is a decent selection of flavours for their nutritious vegan cakes like chocolate, banana, choco banana, mocha, carrot, black sesame, walnut, blueberry, carob (it's a healthy substitute for chocolate, still tastes good too!) and more. Perfect end to a meal at LG!

However, they only offer one flavour of cake in their store at any one time. ): You can call them to check the available flavour though!

My absolute favourite there has got to be the Black Sesame Cake!!! Nutty fragance of black sesame laced in the soy cream and the cake base... *melts*
But I have no photo of the lovely cake as I didn't have a camera with me then... (T_T) And the sad thing is they rarely do this flavour of cake, so unless you order a whole cake, you'll have to be really lucky to try it!

Walnut Cake ($7)

Another favourite! (: The nutty flavour of walnuts is superbly executed and it's great for slow nibbling to savour the whole slice. Satisfied~

Their cakes texture is very unlike normal ones sold in patisseries and is akin to the that of the Chinese kueh 发糕 (steamed sponge cake), you know like abit wobbly and bouncy...? (; Haha. So please do not expect the fluffy light chiffon-y cake when you eat theirs cos it won't be like that! Remember their cakes are not made with the usual ingredients, not even wheat flour!

Carrot Cake ($7)

The last of my favourites! :P Wonderfully moist with bits of fresh carrots, juicy raisins and walnuts studded in the cake with hints of cinnamon. Cream "cheese" was delectable not to sweet just fine. Delish! Really enjoyed this one~

Choco Banana Cake ($7)

Not bad! Light chocolatey taste accompanied with bananas is always good~ But no good if you are looking for the ultimate chocolate fix though. They never use very heavy flavours in their food so no rich decadent chocolate cake here.

Carob Cake ($7)

Similar to chocolate banana without the bananas! (:

Also tasted their mocha cake and it was not bad too, and yes like abovementioned definitely not for the ultimate caffeine fix! Hmm have tried others too but they weren't as memorable.

Certainly at $7 per slice it is a tad pricey (like all organic vegetarian cakes always are... Sadly.><) but the organic and unique ingredients used to make the cakes sort of justifies the price I guess!

LG's cakes thankfully, are not the very sweet type but embody a very natural flavour that makes finishing alot of their cake an enjoyable and easy task! :D No sinful, uncomfortable feelings after this dessert~

The only gripe is that the tastes of their different cakes are not very very different and that the design is uniform and boring.... But I guess a little customisation is available if you do order whole cakes!

Well, honestly if compared to Delcie's cakes, LG's cakes are not as flavourful and variety (and especially the design) is limited. But it is a different "earthy" sort of feel and flavour that offers a hearty and lighter alternative to the usually heavy cream cakes. (:

Sort of miss eating their cakes (used to eat them once every few weeks!), shall drop by soon... (;

Other desserts in LG are puddings!

Black Sesame Pudding ($3.50?)

I LOVE THIS! No skimping of the black sesame content in this one! Just like the rich hot black sesame paste in the cold form~ (:

Others include Avocado Mousse (it's real yummy especially with the decadent palm sugar molasses but not really worth the $ because it can be made on your own very easily and it's cheaper!) and Chocolate Banana pudding (not fantastic).

They make jellies and agar agar now too if I am not wrong. haven't tried them so I don't know how good they are.

They also offer a different hot dessert everyday, but what I've tried haven't impressed me yet. The taste is acceptable but I would rather go to other traditional hot dessert shops to have my hot dessert fix at a lesser price but richer taste even though it might be less healthy... :P

BoBoChaCha ($3.50?)

Interesting use of bananas along with yams and sweet potatoes. Made with soymilk instead of the more fattening coconut milk. Healthy but it makes it less rich and missed the classic rich and dreamy flavour of BoBoChaCha. ): Quite normal and I could finish cos I love soymilk and sweet potatoes anyway. (:

All in all for desserts at LivinGreens, go for their cakes (especially recommended flavours if they are luckily  available!) and black sesame pudding!

You are in for a wholesome nutritious treat~! (;

325 Beach Road (opposite The Concourse, near Arab Street and Haji Lane)
Tel: 6396 5523
Mon-Sat 11am-8.30pm (Closed on Sun)
MRT: Bugis/Nicoll Highway

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