Saturday, May 12, 2012

Livingreens (I)- Making Healthy Vegan Food Yummy!

This is one of my favourite vegan restaurant in Singapore! (^-^) LivinGreens offer a large variety of yummy and really innovative dishes ranging from Asian to Western favourites made lovingly from scratch from fresh organic ingredients~

They are vegan-friendly: no eggs, dairy, stuff of animal origin. They use no refined/artificial seasonings but wholesome ones like organic tamari, liquid amino etc and natural spices to create really amazing flavours! One can hardly believe food low in salt, oil and the usual flavourings can achieve such yumminess~ (;

I've been there countless times to savour their dishes but I still haven't tried so many things on their menu! And they've come up with a very extensive and yummy new dinner menu.... *drools* I haven't had the time to visit there for a long time, I MISS THEIR FOOD SO MUCH! );

The first thing that made me fall in love with them a few years ago was this: (I apologise that I cannot remember the exact price of their dishes...)

Pumpkin Pie ($8.50?)

I personally looooove pumpkin so that's why this was the first thing that attracted me there when I saw it on their online menu. :P

Biased opinions aside I feel that this is something that is a must-try there, fragant, sweet, savoury, substantial flavour and warm comforting texture... *dreamy* I mean, pumpkin pie is so rare in Singapore too and nobody does it like how Livingreens does it. Their salad sauce made by themselves has a unique and refreshing taste that I like very much!

However, this is a Daily Special menu item so it isn't available everyday. ): Check out their Daily Specials on their website before you pay a visit! Great that they update it every week!

Another similar rendition of the pumpkin pie is:

Shepherd's Pie ($8.50?)

Whoever said shepherd's pie must be made with meat to be delicious! (><) This one uses potato instead of pumpkin (duh) and contains wider variety of veggies and more yummy textured soy protein. And thankfully this is available daily in the regular menu!

One thing I love about LivinGreens is they don't use any of those yucky commercial factory-made mock meats that taste weird! Theirs is either made from scratch by themselves or they use better quality natural ones made from wholesome soy protein or mushrooms! (:


Tofu Quiche ($8.50)

The horrible photos don't do this dish justice at all!!! Gosh I don't know how to describe this.... It's heavenly~ (at least in my humble opinion :P ) The delicious flavourful tofu with chunks of yummy veggies with a seriously fabulous crust that's not made from unhealthy white flour but nutritious arrowroot/chickpea flours! I want to eat this now....

Very sadly, this is also a Daily Special, or rather a once in a blue moon special that doesn't appear frequently on the menu. (T_T) They should make it like every week... There is no other place in Singapore I can find a vegetarian quiche... ):

This is a MUST-TRY vegan eatery! Their extensive menu doesn't compromise on quality at all, wonderful. Only a few of their many dishes have ever disappointed me. (But be careful to order the more popular dishes if you are accustomed to heavier flavours or you might not like it.)
They also offfer a selection of organic snacks, ingredients and condiments for purchase on shelves.

Look out for many many more reviews on them! I also haven't started on their desserts and pastries yet! (;
Will definitely find time to visit them again soon. Miss them and the friendly staff!

325 Beach Road (opposite The Concourse, near Arab Street and Haji Lane)
Tel: 6396 5523
Mon-Sat 11am-8.30pm (Closed on Sun)
MRT: Bugis/Nicoll Highway

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