Monday, May 14, 2012

Frozen Yogurt (I)- Do-It-Yourself Fun!

I have an obsession with yogurts, especially frozen ones and have been on the hunt for all the available froyo offered all over Singapore. :P

You'll be astonished by the large amount of froyo I can stomach at one time! Hehe. (;

My favourite concept is actually the Do-It-Yourself self-service froyo because you have the liberty to mix any flavours and toppings you love into a cup with no restrictions! You get more variety! (^-^)

Swirl Art

My favourite DIY froyo! The creamy thick texture packs a punch and the most tantalising thing is the wide variety of ineteresting and scrumptious flavours they offer! At LiangSeah there is 8 and at River Valley 10! :D I love putting many flavours in my cup to try~

Favourite flavours include: Peanut Butter, Caramel, Taro, Plain(Tart), Red Velvet, Melon! But do note like all froyo shops flavours are rotated so must call to see what flavours they have everyday! (:

Toppings are of decent variety but not my most favourite range of toppings!

Anyway I actually went for their FROYO BUFFET: $12.50 for 2 hours free-flow of froyo and toppings. It is suuuuper worth it and shiok. Hahaha. ;D
Some photos:

But sadly this weekly promo on Friday has long ended... *sigh* They should have it again!

Swirl Art
417 River Valley Road (the row of shophouses between Great World City & Valley Point- we r further up 
Spize The Makan Place & right next to Five Star Chicken Rice)
Sun-Thurs 12pm-12am
Fri-Sat 12pm-2am

1 Liang Seah Street #01-13/14 (Across the road from Mos Burger at Bugis Junction. Directly opposite
Porn's Thai Cafe & beside Ah Chew Dessert)
Mon-Thurs 12pm-11pm
Fri 12pm-1am
Sun 1pm-11pm


Next favourite! (^-^) Less creamy texture compared to Swirl Art but just right in my opinion. Favourites are Red Velvet, Strawberry, Plain, Chocolate! Popular ones include Lychee, Peach Mango, CookiesnCream. Sadly I've never got to try their rare flavours that never ever appear now like peanut butter, pistachio, green tea... ):

Love their range of toppings! Favourite combi is froyo mixed with digestive biscuit and oreo crumbs, strawberry and plain mochi, almond slices and eaten with strawberry&cream wafer~ :P *melts*

Different outlets different toppings and flavours though. Bukit timah has the widest range of both. I actually am working at the West Mall outlet now. (;

Sogurt (click to find out their 5 outlets!)
Daily 11am-10.30pm

Tutti Frutti

Hmmm I've got no good photos of their yogurt... (><)
Greater range of flavours and the better thing is that they rotate theirs more often then the above 2 outlets so you get to try different stuff every few weeks! (:

Favourites include: peanut butter, cookiesncream, mixed berries, blueberry, vanilla etc.

But it doesn't attract me as much as the above 2 did for some reason... Hmm. Perhaps cos the flavours don't stand out that much in their yogurt, milder. But they are still pretty good don't worry. (:

Tutti Frutti
Blk 441A Clementi Avenue 3, #01-03 (Beside Clementi Mall)
Tel: 6570 3263
27 Arab Street
Bukit Panjang Plaza #02-38 

Sweet Chills

Mmm not impressionable, a lil' artificial. Only 3 or 4 flavours at the store. Toppings are limited too...

Sweet Chills
14 Scotts Road (Far East Plaza) #01-16E
Tel: 9004 4480
Daily 12pm-10pm


Pretty looking but... It's my least favourite... Overly sweet and tastes quite artificial, I mean just look at the overly bright colours... (><) There's that very thirsty aftertaste that indicates that whatever you ate was super sugary.

Earl grey vanilla was the only flavour there that peaked my interest there.

Nex, Serangoon Central #B2-57
Tel: 9834 8890
Daily 11am-10pm


This is half DIY. They fill the cup with froyo for you then you add unlimited toppings on your own! (: I think the biggest attraction is the free toppings as long as you can squeeze them into your cup.

Flavours are not bad but banana pudding was weird and artificial... The others like cookiesncream, peanutbutter, newyorkcheesecake are okay but couldn't make an impression on me like the other brands above.

The free toppings is cool but the few times I went the toppings bar was very messy, looked unfresh and low in stock for many options. Other brands have better toppings! Well, I guess since it's free can't expect too much?

1 Harbourfront Walk (Vivo City) #B2-06A
Tel: 6376 9757
Daily 10am-10pm
68 Orchard Road (Plaza Singapura) #B2-58
Daily 10am-10pm

However the sad thing about the froyo craze in Singapore is that it is quite falsely led... Having worked at Sogurt, I know that actually the healthy low-fat froyos on offer aren't really very low in fat and all froyos for any other brands are flavoured by artificial syrups. So it isn't really healthy like it is promoted to be! (><)

Hmm and actually almost all are flavoured by the same type of yocream... So the difference in tastes mostly lies in the different percentage of milk, water and flavour they use to produce the yogurt!

But of course if compared to ice creams they have no extra cream, butter etc involved so they are truly slighty better!

If you want a real healthy yogurt fix either get plain froyo or even better drop by supermarkets and get those pure sugarless organic ones, especially Greek yogurt! (: Top with crunchy fragrant granola and you're good to go! (^o^)
ps I still love my froyo very much! (;

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