Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Da Paolo Gastronomia- Crumbles and Tarts

The takeaway Dessert Boxes fridge display at Da Paolo Gastronomia is a fantastical display that is a feast for both the eyes and mouth~! (^-^) Rows and stacks of cakes, tarts, crumbles and mousses with delicious names and descriptions... I never fail to take forever to make my precious choice~ :P

Da Paolo Gastronomia is an italian takeaway deli that specialises in gourmet delights from pastas, lasagnas, salads, antipasti to pastries, scones, cupcakes, desserts and the list goes on!

Prices range from $6-$9 and may seem pricey, but the servings are really huge compared to small slices of cakes sold outside and they almost always satisfy! :D
All desserts are recommended to share between a few or among a few because they are huge and are mostly quite sweet unless you are a real dessert fanatic like me and can take that as a meal! (;

Banoffee Tart ($8)

Crunchy buttery tart shell holding sweet soft banana slices and rich creamy toffee topped with chocolate cream and shavings~ Mmmmm~ An extremely sinful delight with impactful flavour!

Baked Lemon Tart ($7)

Sweet and zesty lemon curd topped with sweet meringue on the same tart shell! But the lemon curd is the sweet type and was quite easy to get sick of! (><) Not the best there definitely.

Black Currant Meringue Tart ($8?)

This wasn't very pleasing for me necause there was an eggy taste I found too strong (personal preference here, cos I cannot stand very eggy tastes. Blackcurrants was rather sparse despite the name of the tart, custard filling was okay and the meringue made it even sweeter.That day's tart shell was slightly disappointing being un-crunchy and lack lustre in flavour...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   But overall an okay tart.

Apple Crumble Tart ($6)

YUMMYLICIOUS! Look at the review on apple crumbles here.

White Chocolate Yogurt Crumble ($8.50)

Like I have mentioned, Da Paolo bakes wondefully crunchy, buttery and nicely salted crumble toppings. So I'm attracted to try all their crumble-containing desserts. Hehe. (;

This yogurt crumble is not the natural sour yogurt taste but the sweetened type and topped with decadent white chocolate shavings. Texture of of the yogurt mousse is rather thick and more like paste! It gets sickening if you eat too much though (please note for all mousse type desserts same case must share unless crazy like me), must distribute the crumble biscuits to accompany the white choco yogurt or share! Yummy treat!

Chocolate Lemon Curd Crumble ($8)

Cold and rich milk chocolate mousse with sour sweet lemon curd and crumble. OOMPH factor here!!!

Mixed Berries Cheesecake Crumble ($8.50)

Hmm this one is the one that didn't impress much. First few spoonfuls are alright and quite yum. But after that it got quite overwhelming... Texture was too thick and sticky (felt stale...?) and too heavy cheesecake flavour. Berries mix was ordinary sweet and a lil tanginess everytime you bite on a berry. Looks super good but not very recommended!

Da Paolo is one of my favourite dessert haunts! Used to sit outside the outlet at Cluny Court with their desserts for the whole day during my crazy study regime for the A levels. (:
Most outlets only have a small seating area or even none at all.
Alot more of wonderful dessert reviews from Da Paolo to come! Cakes~~~!

Da Paolo Gastronomia
501 Bukit Timah Road (Cluny Court) #01-01
Tel: 6468 7010
Daily 9am-10pm

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