Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cedele (I)- Veg Sandwiches!

I loooove eating bread and sandwiches~ The amazing variety of creative yummies you can put between 2 pieces of fluffy toasted bread to make a sandwich/burger for a fufilling meal is fascinating~! :D

Cedele by bakery depot has always been a favourite restaurant/cafe/bakery of mine with it's promise of high quality wholesome food which is reduced in refined unhealthy ingredients! And it definitely doesn't reduce the taste! Cedele cooks up an array of wonderful food! (;

They have various outlets in Singapore, some all-day dining restaurants which are more pricey and serves up main courses, desserts etc complete with a bakery; some bakery cafes selling lots of yummy bakery stuff(duh), soups, takeaway salads, sandwiches etc; and some pure bakeries with no seating area~

The star of this review shall be about their vegetarian sandwiches. Great thing is you can choose from a selection of breads to for your sandwich! And Cedele breads are always yummy!

The bestest has got to be:

Beetroot Burger with Avocado and Chilli Jam and Mayonnaise (wholemeal sunflower seed bread)
($8-$12, price varies esp for their restaurants it's more expensive!)

The first bite made me fall in love with Cedele sandwiches! :D Beetroot patty was contained red beets(duh) and potato chutney (ah the fragrance of the cumin seeds!) and was moist and super YUMMY. Accompanied by the delightful sweet and mildly spicy chilli jam, buttery avocado slices and crunchy lettuce.... Mmmmm. Lovely~! People who never liked beetroot or avocado downed this without any question! :P
This goes very well with their pumpkin bun too!

Totally Veggie Grilled Tofu Sandwich (rye sourdough bread) ($7-more for restaurants)

Grilled Tofu patty with herbs and some veggies was a little dry and would be yummier if it was moister and less salty! But overall okay and a relatively good try! (:

Grilled Vegetables Sandwich (rye sunflower seed bread??) ($7-)

Delicious grilled capsicums, eggplant, mushrooms and sweet creamy pumpkin (the best of all the veggies? (; ) sandwiched between lightly toasted bread. Good choice!

Have yet to try their Grilled Mushroom Sandwich which seems superb too!
Heard that for meat-eaters, their meat sandwiches (chicken etc) are equally or even more yummylicious! Sandwiches are a must-have at Cedele!

Click to see their various outlets' locations and opening hours!


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