Saturday, May 26, 2012

Brownice -Ice Cream Made Guilt-free and Yummy!

My other obsession is ice cream. Hahaha. ;P
But eating too much ice cream makes one feel sick and unhealthy. It's sinful spooning thick creamy but incredibly delicious sweet ice cream into one's mouth... (><)

Imagine my delight upon the discovery of Brownice, a vegan brand of ice cream that creates yummylicious and rich ice cream minus the bad fattening cream and refined sugars, using nutritious wholesome brown rice milk and organic evaporated cane juice instead!

Their ice cream is thick and creamy with a earthy grainy base flavour and amazingly takes a much longer time to melt compared to normal ice creams so you get to enjoy it slowly! :D

I've tried a good number of their flavours but not all as the extensive range of flavours are on rotation and also they are still experimenting with new flavours! (; They had curry flavour once and it tasted quite like twisties hahaha.

If I'm not wrong they started out as this brand having a small booth at vegetarian eatery Loving Hut:

Pumpkin Coconut!

Pumpkin Coconut again!

Then they revamped their brand to Brownice and started selling at Real Food Cafe! Used to frequent their small ice cream booth at Real Food cafe for vegan ice cream fix but this year they have opened their own ice cream parlour at Sin Ming Centre at Upper Thomson YAY!

This beautiful lady is Denise! The one who started up Brownice! :D

The Menu:

And..... The Ice Cream!!!

They usually have more flavours than this, that day a few were sold out already... (><) The staff is friendly and nice and will gladly let you sample the flavours! They use metal spoons which they wash and re-use for testing so no worries about being environmentally-unfriendly! (:

Small: Green Tea and Chendol ($3.80) 
(this was the old booth at real food, $3.80 is now for a standard single scoop! They should have still have this mini scoops one though... ): Can try more flavours at one go!)

LOVELY PUMPKIN COCONUT and Hazelnut Chocolate with cinnamon sprinkles~

Avocado Gula Melaka and Chocolate Cookies

(from left) Peanut Butter Caramel, Banana Oats, Black Sesame (bottom!)
Fantastic Black Sesame!!!

(clockwise from bottom left) Mulberry, Peanut Butter Caramel, Madagascan Vanilla, Green Tea

This is actually not all I have tried! :P
Ultimate favourites from the many:
PUMPKIN COCONUT (creamy sweet pumpkin enhanced by the rich flavour of coconuts... Ultimate delight *dreamy~*)
Peanut Butter Caramel (this combi will always taste superb. (; )
Black Sesame (super rich and aromatic with detectable black sesame grains~ But this flavour is seasonal. ); )
Green Tea (fabulous fragrance of green tea, one of the nicest matcha ice creams!)
Chendol (extremely rich coconut milk and gula melaka used! Delightful! But this is occasional too. ); )
All the Chocolate varieties (rich flavour of chocolate can't really go wrong~!)
Special mention of their Madagascan Vanilla! Other than the obvious generous flecks of vanilla beans that indicate natural real vanilla pods used, the vanilla flavour is absolutely divine!

Alot more reviews on their delicious waffles, brownies, mudpies and ice cream pops to come!!! (^-^)

8 Sin Ming Road (Sin Ming Centre), #01-03
Tel: 6456 6431
Mon-Thurs 1pm-11pm
Fri-Sun 1pm-12am
Selected Brownice treats: Mudpies and Ice Cream Pops are still available at Real Food at The Central and Loving Hut at Suntec City!

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