Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Apple Crumble of My Eye

As you read on my future posts, you will realise that I adore certain flavours and yummies. One such yummy worthy of my adoration is none other than the Apple Crumble~~ ;D

Ok I love crumbles, that crunchy tart base filled with yummy fruits/nuts/mousse/jam/etc and topped with buttery aromatic crunchy crumbly crumbles~ Pure bliss to munch on crumbles~ (^-^) *melts*

Always on the look out for this yummy, in particular delicious apple ones, I daresay I've nibbled on quite a decent variety. Though of course there are lots more yet to taste! (;

So far, the better yummier apple crumbles I have nibbled on are (in no particular order):
(the following are old photos, thus not particularly fabulous... Pardon me.)

Butterscotch Apple & Mixed Berries Crumble topped w Vanilla Icecream 
@ Food For Thought (Queen St) ($12)

One big portion that can be almost a meal by itself! Very generous amount of warm sweet cinnamony apples and raisins filling balanced out with the slightly tangy berries and perfectly paired with crunchy crispy crumble and sliced almonds~ A mouthful of it with cold vanilla icecream is delightful~ Yummy!
The icecream is very ordinary though...

Still have yet to try many of FFT's range of desserts and pastries!

Food For Thought
8 Queen Street
Tel: 6338 9887
Mon-Sat 9am-10pm
Sun 9am-9pm

Apple and Rhubarb Crumble w Peanut Butter Icecream 
@ Buttercake N Cream ($11)

The best thing about this is actually the crumbly almond crumbles on top that are wonderfully fragrant with a tinge of salt. Fillings were sufficiently sweet with sourness from bits of rhubarb, only gripe is that fillings are little compared to crumble. Not that I mind though. :P The apple slice on top was too big and not very nice....

Normally comes with vanilla icecream but they were nice enough to let me change to peanut butter one of my faves! So darn good pairing! Oh and they make their own icecream so it's good! (:
Serving is smaller than FFT's though, not super filling.

Buttercake N Cream serves up a decent and extensive menu of yummy desserts alongside their mains (which are non-veg). I've tried their sundaes which are fabulous especially when they top it with their signature almond crumble! (; Yet to try out others like their signature Warm Chocolate Pudding.

Buttercake N Cream 
106 Clementi Street 12 #01-52 (Sunset Way)
Daily 12pm-11pm

Apple Crumble Tart @ Da Paolo Gastronomia ($6)

It looks unassuming and plain in a plastic box. But I assure you it delivers the full kick of an apple crumble.
Da Paolo's crumbles and tarts are (most of the time 'cept a few rare occasions..) wonderfully baked to a crunchy perfection, not too sweet and a lil' tinge of saltiness. The crumble to apple filling ratio is just right -chunky crumbles accompanied by crunchy crisp and sweetly baked apples below... Mmmm~ *melts* (^-^)

Worth the price in my opinion as it really satisfies the apple crumble craving and it's a big slice to fill up your tummy! Da Paolo's huge range of desserts have almost never disappointed me though I still have so much more to taste test. (: A lil' pricey but generous portions and yummy tastes! Just be careful not to purchase those that has been left there a few days in the fridge display already or you will be disappointed... (><)

Al fresco and indoor seating area is provided at Cluny Court but the rest of their many outlets only have a small dine-in area or none at all.

Da Paolo Gastronomia
501 Bukit Timah Road 
Cluny Court #01-01
Daily 9am-10pm

Apple Crumble w Butterscotch & Pecan Icecream @ Pluck ($6-$7?)

This quaint little icecream parlour that occupies half of a clothing boutique along Haji Lane serves up surprisingly good ice cream and desserts to feed hungry souls after shopping!

The apple crumble was..... Bliss. Generous apple chunks, great tasting fillings and the tart shell and crumble was buttery crisp goodness. This would have been even better if there were more crumbles!

Butterscotch & Pecan icecream was delish and went very well with crumble! They have various other interesting iceream flavours which are equally good quality as we sampled a few when we chose it.

31/33 Haji Lane

Apple Blueberry Crumble @ Cedele ($4.80-$5.50?)

Cedele makes very good crumble toppings and tart shells, always yummy! The crumble heightened the taste of the decent apple and blueberry fillings making eating it very enjoyable. Only problem is the base was slightly chewy and not crunchy.

This isn't available everyday at all cafe bakeries though. They rotate their apple and some other pies every day of the week. Call to check if it's in-store! (:

I love Cedele pastries~ (^-^) Other than the fact that they use quality ingredients, organic raw sugar and non-artificial flavourings, they have a distinct unique taste and smell to their baked goods. I can't describe it, it's just superbly fragrant and addictive! :D

398 Upper Bukit Timah Road
The Rail Mall (they have alot of other outlets all over Singapore!
Tel: 6766 3253
Mon-Thur 10am-9pm
Fri 10am-10pm
Sat-Sun 8am-10pm

Apple Crumble @ Ritz Apple Strudel and Pastry ($5?)

Unfortunately I have no idea where the photo of this crumble is.... (><) Just sharing that this is one good crumble too with chunky juicy apple and raisins~ (:

Ritz Apple Strudel and Pastry

Many more apple crumbles to nibble! :P
Maybe I should do a post of unworthy apple crumbles too... To warn people against them. Hahaha.

Until then, happy nibbling!
❤ 선희 Chenxi (thepeabrainner)

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